The Writing Center

Looking for more structure in your workday? Having a hard time getting motivated working on a paper? Looking for a sense of community? Don’t go it alone! Join our Zoom-based virtual labs to write with peers, consult Fellows as needed, and tackle your short and long-term writing goals! 

Every writer needs a reader, and the Writing Center has a reader for every writer! Trained to respond to assignments in any discipline, Writing Center Fellows offer free, one-on-one conferences about writing at any stage in the process.

50-Minute Appointments
Open to all undergraduates working on writing of any kind and at any stage in the process. Bring a prompt to brainstorm, a full draft, the beginnings of a cover letter, grant proposal, personal statement, creative piece, or oral presentation!

80-Minute Appointments
Reserved for juniors and seniors working on independent work (typically 20+ pages). Bring ideas for a junior paper, a thesis funding proposal, selections from a thesis! We can provide long-term help with planning for extended writing projects as well as one-off feedback sessions. (Select the 80-Minute schedule from the drop-down menu at the top of the schedule)

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