2023 GradFUTURES Wintersession Events

Wintersession 2023

Night Science Wintersession 2023

Image: Sameer A. Khan / Fotobuddy

Wintersession is a campus-wide, two-week experience that offers engaging, active, and intriguing non-graded learning and growth opportunities for the entire University community—and there are dozens of opportunities just for graduate students! Check back soon for additional details, and find information on last year’s Wintersession below.

2023 Session: Your Research Story in Less than 3 Minutes

Your research story in 3 minutes introduces you to the tips and tricks of communicating your research to a general audience, provides a venue for applying these exciting new methods, and allows you to incorporate feedback from an interdisciplinary audience. Over 2 interactive sessions (90 minutes each), we will help you connect with your audience, craft your story, maximize your impact, and explore new mediums for an engaging presentation. You'll walk away with a well crafted story that's ready for submission to Princeton Research Day on May 11, 2022.


Sonali Majumdar
Assistant Dean for Professional Development

2023 Session: Night Science - The Creative Side of Research

The formal scientific method tells you how to rigorously and objectively test a hypothesis. But where do hypotheses come from in the first place? Posing fruitful new questions, ideating novel hypotheses, and inventing new experimental technologies all require scientific creativity. Itai Yanai and Martin Lercher have been exploring the hidden side of the scientific process in editorials and a podcast. In this 2-day interactive workshop, participants engage for the generation of scientific ideas. Sessions explore how anthropomorphic language unlocks intuitive brain capacities; how new questions can be identified by honing in on contradictions; how a hypothesis can be a liability for making new discoveries; and how ideas can be imported and exported across research fields.


Itai Yanai
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Martin Lercher
Professor of Computer Science and Biology, Heinrich Heine University

2023 Session: Princeton Startup Bootcamp by VentureWell

All Princeton graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who are interested in entrepreneurship are welcome to apply to attend the Princeton Startup Bootcamp, an intensive program powered by VentureWell, a leading startup accelerator.

This program is designed for interdisciplinary collaboration and those curious about what it takes to bring an idea to market. If you already have an idea for a product, service or solution—that’s great, but not required! Team members are needed for a variety of roles including business strategy, marketing and communications, and financial modeling, among others.

This offering is co-sponsored by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council, GradFUTURES, the Office of Technology Licensing and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty

2023 Session: Set Achievable Goals, Meet Your Deadlines, and Have a Life while in Academia

Plan for academic and life success 90 days at a time. Learn the practices and skills to balance the demands of academic life, make your mark as a scholar and leader, and achieve greater work-life harmony. By the session’s end, you will create a 90-Day Action Plan that you can implement for a productive, intentional and joyful semester.

  • Foundational time management, calendaring and weekly planning
  • Hidden productivity pillars that threaten your progress if left unaddressed
  • Project management techniques and tools for solo and collaborative work
  • How to get off “achievement autopilot” to pursue goals that are holistically fulfilling
  •  Workflow and well-being practices to reduce burnout and overwhelm
  • Strategies to make consistent progress on long-term projects like article publication
  • How to align your plans and time with peak-low seasons at home and at work
  • How to set and communicate time-boundaries with friends, family and colleagues, especially during peak work seasons
  • How to establish peer groups for accountability, support, and momentum
  • Techniques to evaluate and recalibrate your plans as you adapt and grow


Fatimah Williams
Executive Coach and Growth Strategist