(Un)Warranted Ideas42 Social Impact Fellowship

Fellowship Description

Are you interested in reducing racial inequity and a leading cause of mass incarceration? Are you passionate about scaling evidence-based interventions? Do you have strong data and communication skills? If so, join our innovative team creating social impact directly with court systems and policymakers across the country.

As a Social Impact Fellow, you will support the (Un)warranted team in various aspects, such as:

  • Mapping state courts to determine the most strategic approach for communications reform (i.e. judicial action, legislation, etc.)
  • Analyzing the impact of court date communications on court appearance rate, including data cleaning, coding, analysis, and write up
  • Conducting literature reviews to determine optimal intervention recommendations
  • Building a database to monitor and track impact across sites
  • Drafting communications materials (briefs, emails, presentations, articles) for outreach, dissemination, webinars, conference sessions, media, etc.

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Experience and/or deep understanding of in the criminal legal system
  • Excellent verbal communicator and writer; policy experience a plus.
  • Strong data and analysis skills
  • Excellent project management skills, attention to detail, and ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team, participate in regular video calls, and commit 10 hours a week with some of that time weekdays between 9-5pm ET.

Graduate students who identify as BIPOC and/or have lived or familial experience with the criminal legal system are strongly encouraged to apply.


Your Host

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The (Un)warranted initiative at ideas42 prevents a leading cause of warrants and jail - by helping people show up to court for low-level charges. We do this by using behavioral science to improve court date communications, shown to reduce missed court dates by 36% and provide the greatest benefit to communities with low wealth and people of color. Already working in 8 states, our goal is to expand nationwide and prevent 500K missed court dates over 5 years.

At ideas42, we use behavioral science to create a more equitable world. We deliver social impact by reinventing systems and designing services, policies, and products, and do so working alongside communities with the fewest resources and opportunities.

SIF Mentor

Alissa Fishbane
Managing Director, (Un)Warranted at Ideas42

Alissa Fishbane leads ideas42's Safety and Justice portfolio to design, test, and scale behaviorally informed interventions that improve outcomes and wellbeing across communities affected by the legal system. Most recently she founded (Un)warranted, an initiative to improve court appearance and court date communications, thereby increasing…

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Current & Past Fellows and Mentors

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Social Impact Fellowship Mentor
Director of Special Initiatives at NJCEH
Megan Armknecht, GS, HIS
Summer Intern, Bureau of Bureau of Public Affairs/ Office of the Historian in Washington D.C
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Vice President of Programs and Thought Leadership, The American Society on Aging
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Andrew D'Amico
Assistant Director for Operational Engagement & Impact Analysis
Jessica Dheere '93
Director of Ranking Digital Rights, New America
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Peter J. Dougherty
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Director, The APS Press, and Member, The American Philosophical Society
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Community Outreach Specialist, New Jersey Future
Anna Eddelbuettel Hancock, GS, CBE
Community College Teaching Fellow
Alicia M. Ejsmond-Frey *19, CLA
GradFUTURES Summer Fellow, Open Innovation Team, Cabinet Office (London, UK)
Alissa Fishbane
Social Impact Fellowship Mentor
Managing Director, (Un)Warranted at Ideas42