Fellowship Description

The GradFUTURES team in the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School seeks a fellow to aid in the development of a media (TV/Podcasting/Film) professional development studio on campus. Fellows will have the opportunity to work with media professionals as they coordinate programming. The position requires six hours a week, and fellows receive $1,000 per semester.

This fellowship involves building a program from the ground up, and thus will require the teamwork to establish contacts and plan programming. This position is especially helpful for anyone exploring careers in radio, TV, or film, as you will have a chance to shape the course of the program. 

    Possible Tasks

    • Coordinating meetings with Princeton alumni working in media, including searching databases for potential contacts
    • Work with on-campus media professionals to establish mentors and coordinate graduate student access to equipment
    • Resource gathering, especially finding information on basics of storytelling, podcasting, etc. to share with student participants in the program
    • Develop on-campus and external partnerships, seeking co-sponsorship opportunities for events
    • Aid in developing programming, including help in planning a speaker series 
    • Maintaining databases
    • Coordinating logistics for a suite of programs

    Your Host

    GradFUTURES Star

    A shared vision for professional development at Princeton unites the GradFUTURES team and our campus-wide ecosystem of partners. Graduate student-centered by design, GradFUTURES serves as Princeton’s hub for empowering graduate student futures, through a broad spectrum of skills training, mentorship, bespoke experiential opportunities and interdisciplinary learning.  We empower graduate students through a holistic and integrative model of professional development that enables them to build the skills and competencies, clarity of purpose, and multifaceted relationships they need to become leaders within the academic, government, nonprofit, and private sectors.

    UAF Mentors

    James M. Van Wyck
    Assistant Dean for Professional Development

    James M. Van Wyck is the liaison for the Humanities & Social Sciences. He manages graduate student professional development programs, strategic communications, the GradFUTURES Fellows program, including the University Administrative Fellows Program, and the Community College Teaching Initiative.

    Shelby Lohr, GS, HIS
    Professional Development Associate 2020-21
    Social Impact Fellow
    University Administrative Fellow

    "I'm a storyteller and media enthusiast pursuing a PhD in American History. Outside of doctoral work, I've studied comedy writing and creative writing. I'm interested in harnessing the narrative tools often reserved for fiction and film to craft compelling public-facing content inspired by research."

    Current & Former GradFUTURES Fellows

    Elisabeth Bloom, GS, FIT
    University Administrative Fellow

    "Beyond the university level, there are so many different settings in which we as Princeton graduate students will be able to thrive post-graduation... As a University Administrative Fellow, I organized a panel for the 2023 GradFUTURES forum that will celebrate independent-school teaching as a post-Ph.D. career option."

    Kimberly Akano, GS, REL
    University Administrative Fellow

    "With the support of my mentor, James M. Van Wyck, I am eager to coordinate the 'Graduate Education: Then, Now, Next' seminar series with GradFutures. Especially during this time when students, faculty, staff, and administrators are (re)evaluating the efficacy and significance of graduate education, I hope my work will foster honest reflections and imaginative dialogue. I also look forward to cultivating new opportunities for sustained collaboration within and beyond the university."

    James Watson-Krips, GS, EAS
    University Administrative Fellow

    "I have come to see that there is no single path to academic career development -- skills learned outside the academy can be of great use in one's academic work, and the methodologies we employ as Ph.D. students can similarly help in a variety of careers beyond the academy."

    Dylan Blau Edelstein, GS, SPO
    University Administrative Fellow

    Dylan Blau Edelstein is a 3rd-year PhD student in the Spanish and Portuguese Department at Princeton University. His research looks broadly at the intersections between literature and psychiatry in 20th-century Latin America, with a particular focus on Brazil. 

    Hellen Wainaina, GS, ENG
    University Administrative Fellow
    Host & Executive Producer, GradFUTURES Podcast

    "I am determined to be a good steward of my time and the talents I have been granted and those I have nurtured; to author meaningful scholarship in Black literary studies; and to reach back and around to help others in the pursuit of their intellectual inquiry. I am a University Administrative Fellow, collaborating with the GradFUTURES team to launch a new podcast."

    Rebekah Haigh, GS, REL
    Community College Teaching Fellow
    University Administrative Fellow
    Social Impact Fellow

    "Taking part in the GradFUTURES Fellowship program was an enriching experience both professionally and personally. It opened up a whole world of experiences and possibilities that I plan on exploring in the future."

    Genevieve Allotey-Pappoe, GS, MUS
    University Administrative Fellow
    Social Impact Fellow

    "I am excited to work on new media iniatives as part of the GradFutures program. In the 21st century, digital technology has transformed the circulation of information and knowledge both spatially and temporally. This project is a great avenue to explore the various ways graduate students can use new media in their work. This will also contribute immensely to the professional development of those students who have the desire to be public intellectuals. The GradFutures program is a great initiative for the professional development of graduate students at Princeton."

    Duygu Coskuntuna, GS, NES
    University Administrative Fellow
    Social Impact Fellow

    "Before coming to Princeton, I took up a few academia-adjacent jobs, first in a library and later in an NGO. I quite enjoyed the feeling of stepping outside of my comfort zone, connecting with others and developing my communication skills. Working as a GradFUTURES University Administrative Fellow, I am looking forward to explore other career paths—mine as well as others'!"

    Max Horder, GS, ANT
    University Administrative Fellow
    Social Impact Fellow
    Clio Hall Award Recipient

    "My experience of the UAF program has been transformational: it has equipped me with the skillset I need to translate my academic training into proficiencies valued in many different industries. The Fellowship has given me a much wider perspective of my potential as a graduate student and unlocked a whole new dimension to the investment I am making at Princeton."

    Dylan Principi, GS, MUS
    University Administrative Fellow
    “Within Princeton’s burgeoning GradFutures initiative, I am excited to help cultivate a space for graduate students to explore the critical role of communication in all sectors of the 21st-century academy: the professoriate, administration, public scholarship, and publishing.”
    Michael Zhang, GS, ART
    University Administrative Fellow

    "At Princeton, everyone is encouraged to be a leader. The University is driven by the ideas and visions of the members of its community. Through my experience as a University Administrative Fellow, I had the opportunity to explore the many facets of leadership, and the ways in which these qualities can shape our visions for the present and future. More than this, I had the opportunity to translate vision into action, and to make a real impact within my community."

    Lucy Partman *21, ART
    Founder, Partman Strategies LLC
    UAF Alum & GradFUTURES Learning Cohort Participant
    Clio Hall Award Recipient

    "I believe graduate students and PhDs can be agents of innovation, change, and leadership both inside and outside of academia."