University Administrative Fellowship Program

Young woman and a female mentor talking smiling infront of a white board

University Administrative Fellows (UAFs)

  • gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for university administration
  • are mentored by a non-faculty member on campus
  • learn new skills or use existing skills to complete a project in a department outside their academic department
  • are introduced to a potential career field

This information is valuable for those preparing for the tenure-track job market, those preparing for careers in academic administration and for those looking for an experience that will position them for careers beyond the academy.

The fellowship consists of working on a project under the direction of the host department, attending meetings when appropriate, and discussing with the host various aspects of the host’s position which includes specific responsibilities, organizational dynamics, external networks, etc. The Fellowship is broken into two components: a mentoring and shadowing component (roughly 2 hours per week for the length of a semester) and a project component (roughly 4 hours per week for the length of a semester.) The total average time commitment is an average of 6 hours per week for the length of a semester. Summer UAFs are available, as are remote fellowships, which enable a broader range of participation in this program. 

University Administrative Fellows receive a $1,920 stipend in addition to their normal support. In order to accept the fellowship, graduate students must receive permission from their adviser(s) and must be in good academic standing. International graduate students are encouraged to apply and to be in touch with the Davis International Center during the application process.

The Graduate School offers a range of immersive experiences, all structured to support graduate students' timely completion of their degree program. Most of the fellowships are offered throughout the academic year and/or during the summer, and include the University Administrative Fellowship Program, the Community College Teaching Fellowship Program, and the GradFUTURES Social Impact Fellowship Program


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Avery Agles, GS, CBE
University Administrative Fellow
Kimberly Akano, GS, REL
University Administrative Fellow
Mai Alkhamissi, GS, ANT
University Administrative Fellow
Genevieve Allotey-Pappoe, GS, MUS
University Administrative Fellow
Ellen Ambrosone
South Asian Studies Librarian
Anna Arabindan-Kesson
Assistant Professor and Director, Art Hx
Vandana Bajaj
Assistant Director, Princeton Center for Language Study (PCLS)
Mary Bechler
Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration



"My experience as a UAF has opened my eyes to the variety of ways in which the innovative, critical thinking, and analytical skills I’ve developed as a scholar in the humanities can contribute to mission-driven work within higher education. I’ve learned pragmatic lessons about how to translate abstract ideas about student well-being into actual funded programs on campus. I’ve also gained insight into several job-pools within higher ed that I hadn’t known existed, and moreover been able to network within these pools."


"The GradFUTURES UAF program is an awesome opportunity to make professional connections across campus, improve networking skills and add new competencies to your career portfolio. The unique, tailor-made opportunities provided by the UAF program empower participants to straddle the divide between academia and numerous other professions."



Senior Scientist in Oncology Chemistry, AstraZeneca

Associate Research Scholar, Princeton

Licensing Manager, Drexel University

Assistant Dean for Student Advancement and Diversity, University of Chicago

Scientist, Hebei Agiculural University

Directrice pédagogique(Academic Manager) for the SAE Institute Paris

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton University

Director of Reseach, Open990

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Utah

Director of NREM's Rod and Connie French Conservation Camp

Senior biomedical engineer for BD in BD biosciences

Software Engineer, Bravely

Postdoctoral Researcher, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Postdoctoral Researcher, MIT

Administrative Director, Prison Teaching Initiative


Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Harvard Society of Fellows

Upward Bound Programs Educational Counselor and Math/Science Specialist, Keene State College

College Fellow at Harvard

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Janssen

Doctoral Fellow, American Bar Foundation

Senior biomedical engineer for BD in BD biosciences

Principal Scientist, Physical Sciences Inc

Data Scientist, Estee Lauder Companies

Research Associate, Research Alliance for New York City Schools

Literature Faculty at Bard High School Early College

College Fellow at Harvard

Chief of Staff, ETHOS

Program Manager, Officer of Diversion and Reentry

Senior biomedical engineer for BD in BD biosciences

Postdoctoral Fellow, Science History Institute

*Outcomes drawn from publicly-available LinkedIn Profiles