Students, Faculty and Alumni/ae Stories

Student, Faculty and Alumni/ae Perspectives on GradFUTURES

These stories and commentaries illuminate the journeys of graduate students who have participated in GradFUTURES programming, and render visible the campus-wide community of support available for graduate students-- from faculty, staff, and alumni as well as industry partners. 

  • Avery Agles, GS, CBE

    "My experience has totally transformed my idea of academia into a place where meaningful change and empowerment can happen."
  • Jonathan Aguirre, GS, SPO

    • Jonathan Aguirre, GS, SPO
      • Professional Development Working Group Member
      • Participant, American Higher Ed GradFUTURES Learning Cohort
      • Participant, Ethics of AI GradFUTURES Learning Cohort
    "I've been most appreciative of the stimulating conversations that have motivated me to pursue research topics I would have never otherwise...
  • Emilia Arguello, GS, Chemistry

    "I am excited to participate in this fellowship to experience the personal connections – both as a mentee and as a mentor – that only a genuine...
  • Carol Barash *89, ENG

    Award-winning author, educator, and entrepreneur Carol Barash holds degrees from Yale (BA,

  • Wendy Laura Belcher

    "Fortunately, the graduate student professional development program at Princeton University provides training in just these types of skills and thus...
  • André Benhaïm

    "The leadership and opportunities promoted by GradFutures provide students with invaluable practical tools that will help them magnify their...
  • Natalie Berkman, *18, FIT

    "Organizing the first Grad Student Career Meetup helped me to start picturing myself doing other things, and now I am happily managing academics at a...
  • Marshall Brown

    Marshall Brown is an architect, urbanist, and scholar. Among other accomplishments, he has represented the United States at the prestigious Venice...

  • Zoë Buonaiuto, *18, HIS

    • Zoë Buonaiuto, *18, HIS
      • University Administrative Fellow
      • Professional Development Working Group Member
      • Mentor, Graduate Mentorship Program
    "Participating in the UAF program was one of the most formative experiences I had at Princeton. The program provided me important mentorship, a...
  • Caitlin Charos, *19, ENG

    "As a UAF, I found the structure, skill-building, and community I was looking for to make my graduate school experience more intentional. I highly...
  • Alicia M. Ejsmond-Frey, *19, CLA

    "My department was surprised but delighted to find out that I was going to pursue a career in government, and in his introduction to my FPO the...
  • Saadia El Karfi, GS, FIT

    As a UAF "I get to work on issues and topics that are meaningful to me as an international student, as a woman, and as an academic."
  • William A. Gleason

    • William A. Gleason
      • Hughes-Rogers Professor of English and American Studies;
      • GradFUTURES Learning Cohort Participant
    "It's exciting to see how many new initiatives and opportunities for graduate student professional development are emerging here on campus, in...
  • Jenny Greene

    "PTI supports our students not only by creating a strong community of like-minded people across the University, but also by providing a substantive...
  • Hasan Hameed, GS, HIS

    "I've gotten to interact with people in departments as diverse as Professional Development and the Office of Undergraduate Student Life, giving me a...
  • Jake Herb, *17, CHE

    Jake Herb is a Principal Scientist in the Materials and Energy Technology Group at Physical Sciences, Inc. (PSI).

  • Patrice Jean, *99, MOL

    During graduate school, I honed my skills as a scientist, but I also learned how important it was to engage with all people from different...
  • Stanley N. Katz

    • Stanley N. Katz
      • Professor of Public and International Affairs;
      • Director of the Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies;
      • GradFUTURES Learning Cohort Participant
    "The Higher Education Workshop has been a boon for me as a scholar-teacher with a long commitment to the study of higher education policy."
  • Don Kirsch, *78, BIO

    "The Dean’s office is supportive and helpful to those who want to pursue diverse careers in industry.  In fact, Princeton invited me back to lead a...
  • Josh Kotin

    • Josh Kotin
      • Associate Professor, Department of English
      • GradFUTURES Learning Cohort Participant
    "The workshop is an important forum for exploring graduate student professional development in the twenty-first century."
  • Robbie LeDesma, GS, MOL

    “Research on the Road” is a fantastic science communication/public speaking event that taught me a lot about how to think about my own work when...
  • Victoria Luu, GS, GEO

    "This experience in creating bridges across different stakeholders and developing systematic solutions helped me to secure a prestigious marine...
  • Elizabeth Margulis

    • Elizabeth Margulis
      • Director, Music Cognition Lab
      • University Administrative Fellowship Program Mentor

    Elizabeth Margulis studies music using a combination of humanistic and scientific methods.

  • Erika Milam

    "The Graduate School's Professional Development Program provides guidance to help students develop the skills and competencies crucial for success in...
  • Mallory Monaco Caterine, *13 (CLA)

    Mallory Monaco Caterine *13, Classics, Co-Founder and Executive Director at Kallion Leadership, Inc., Senior Professor of Practice in Classical...

  • Laura Murray

    Laura is the Assistant Director, Learning Programs in the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, where creates initiatives and programming to...

  • Ali Nouri, *06 (MOL)

    Dr. Ali Nouri is the President of the Federation of American Scientists. His scientific publications are in the fields of virology, cell...

  • Lucy Partman, GS, ART

    "Through this work, I have the extraordinary opportunity to connect and collaborate with people all across campus, in the Princeton community, and...
  • Rodney D. Priestley

    "I have been very impressed with the rollout of the GradFUTURES program, and the opportunities that it has provided for graduate students to receive...
  • Ann Marie Russell, *12, PSY

    "When I was in graduate school, it felt like we had two choices: an academic career or failure. The thought of voluntarily pursuing a non-academic...
  • Adéráyọ̀ Sànúsí

    "I have found the experience deeply rewarding because of the invaluable opportunity to leverage my ethnographic research skills while I also learns...
  • John Tully, *12, CLA

    John earned his Ph.D.

  • Annette Zimmerman

    "The GradFUTURES Learning Cohort on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence has been a platform for many illuminating and inspiring conversations...