Star Lessons in Leadership with Karthick Ramakrishnan *02, POL

GradFUTURES *Star Lessons in Leadership series featuring Karthick Ramakrishnan *02, Professor of Public Policy, University of California, Riverside

Our featured keynote on Feb 24, 2023 was Karthick Ramakrishnan *02, a doctoral alum of the department of Politics. Karthick is a professor of public policy at UC Riverside, and executive director of California 100, a transformative statewide initiative focused on building a shared vision and strategy for California’s next century that is innovative, sustainable, and equitable. He is also the President of the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni (APGA) and helped launch the #PrincetonStar campaign to highlight the asterisk denoting graduate alum status and celebrate the "star power" of graduate alums throughout the Princeton community.

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