Skills for the 21st Century Scholar

A joint venture of the Humanities Council and GradFUTURES in partnership with Princeton University Press (PUP), this graduate learning cohort invites participants to join a conversation about the nature of graduate school, the multifaceted role of the 21st century PhD, and the future of academia. 

Inspired by the Princeton University Press series “Skills for Scholars,” the cohort's seven sessions are geared to augment and recalibrate received understandings of academia. Together, we'll reimagine the definition and nature of scholarly work.

In the process, participants will gain new insight into the ways scholarly skills--abiding and emerging--may be applied in new ways within and beyond the academy, as well as how we might complement our inherited pedagogical practices with a range of technological innovations. 

Guests and Presenters may include:

  • Leonard Cassuto, Professor, Fordham University
  • Peter Dougherty, Editor at Large, Princeton University Press
  • Will Fenton, Program Officer, National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Christie Henry, Director, Princeton University Press
  • Laura C. Murray, Assistant Director, Learning Programs, McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, Princeton University
  • Sara Ogger, Humanities New York
  • Matt Rohal, Associate Editor (Skills for Scholars), Princeton University Press
  • Augusta Rohrbach, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, Tufts University
  • Jonathan Zimmerman, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
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