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There's increasing calls for scientists to engage in science policy toward building societal trust in science, advocating for increased scientific funding and fostering evidence-based policy making. As early-career scientists, graduate students should add their voice and perspectives to science-for-policy and policy-for science. 

GradFUTURES, in partnership with SPIA's Center for Policy Research in Energy and the Environment and the Office of Government Affairs, is developing opportunities for graduate students to engage in science policy conversations. We invite graduate student leaders and groups to collaborate with us on science policy initiatives. 

Learning Objectives

Are you interested in

  • Learning about how scientists can contribute to science policy

  • Building knowledge of professional paths in science policy for PhDs?

  • Understanding the landscape of science policy at federal and state level

  • Gaining connections, skills and experiences in science policy

Consider participating in science policy events and programs offered by GradFUTURES in collaboration with Center for Policy Research on Energy and Environment (CPREE).

Two Tracks Available:

Federal Level Science Policy

We sponsor graduate students for AAAS Catalyzing Advocacy for Science and Engineering (CASE) workshop. The workshop is an opportunity for graduate students in science, engineering, social or behavioral sciences to learn about science policy, advocacy, and the federal policymaking process, empowering participants to become a voice for research throughout their careers. 


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NJ State Level Science Policy

Learn more about how scientists can engage in science policy work at NJ state government during and beyond your graduate education. We host alum panels, guest seminars and experiential learning opportunities.


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