Science of Sports UAF

Fellowship Description

The Council on Science and Technology seeks to engage a graduate student to help launch a new initiative that promotes science literacy at the University through programming that emphasizes the science of everyday life, in this case the "Science of Sports”. As part of this initiative, core science topics will be contextualized for the student body through relating them to incidents in various sports. In addition, the “Science of Sports” will allow coaches and student athletes to showcase their expertise based on scientific principles. 

The Fellow would work with the Associate Director of the CST to contribute to the development of modular content that can be distributed both on social media and in STEM courses. The ideal candidate should be proficient in introductory undergraduate level physics and be able to communicate scientific topics to a general audience. 

UAF Mentor

Penelope Georges
Associate Director, STEM Initiatives, Council on Science and Technology
University Administrative Fellowship Mentor

Penelope Georges joined Princeton University in 2020 with the Council on Science and Technology. With a B.S., Ph.D., and postdoctoral research all in bioengineering, her career and education have been interdisciplinary, linking the natural sciences of biology, chemistry, and physics with engineering design.

Current & Former CST Fellows

Haina Wang, GS, CHE
University Administrative Fellow
GradFUTURES Learning Cohort Participant

"GradFUTURES has helped me to explore a lot of opportunities that sharpen a wide range of skills beyond research. I also get to connect with inspiring people in the Council on Science and Technology, with whom I'm able to work on personalized projects that bring about real change. I believe that science is not just about labs and papers in academia, it's about sharing the beauty of nature with everyone and making sure our technology is used responsibly."

Shelby Lohr, GS, HIS
Professional Development Associate 2020-21
Social Impact Fellow
University Administrative Fellow

"I'm a storyteller and media enthusiast pursuing a PhD in American History. Outside of doctoral work, I've studied comedy writing and creative writing. I'm interested in harnessing the narrative tools often reserved for fiction and film to craft compelling public-facing content inspired by research."

Kailyn Cohen, GS, CHM
University Administrative Fellow

"I am excited to be a University Administrative Fellow working with the Council on Science and Technology, and collaborating with members of the Biology Department. Being able to work with other students on campus to make a positive environmental change is something I am passionate about. GradFUTURES gives me a framework to do just that."