Robert Oldham, GS, POL


I am a G5 in Politics. My dissertation considers congressional policymaking in response to crises during the era of polarization.

I received my BA in political science from the University of Georgia in 2017 and worked as a staff writer for Ballotpedia for 2 years before starting graduate school. I have also worked on The Almanac of American Politics, serving as a researcher/writer for the 2020 edition and research director for the 2022 and 2024 editions.

When I am not researching or writing about American politics, I can be found walking my dog Bagel, cooking with my wife, or taking a run.

"I have long been interested in diversifying my experiences beyond academia. Working with New America has allowed me to establish professional contacts and gain valuable experience that will complement everything I've done as a graduate student and prepare me for whatever comes next.

I discovered GradFUTURES after friends and colleagues had mentioned positive experiences. I found James to be a very helpful and enthusiastic point-of-contact. I would highly recommend that any grad student who is unsure about what they will be doing next have a chat with him."