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The GradFUTURES Mentor Collective exists to create transformational connections between graduate students and graduate alumni/ae. With that in mind, we make it a point to share best practices to inform effective mentor-mentee relationships. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the GradFUTURES team at any time for support, inspiration, and access to resources that advance professional development. We encourage you to explore the resources developed to support our Professional Competency Model, which emphasizes in-demand skills that are transferable across all disciplines, career fields, and position types.

Shannon Hoffman
“Consistency on both ends is one of the main things that make mentorship work, both for staying on each other's radars but also to actually get to know each other well.  As a mentee, you might come to early meetings with an agenda and specific questions to ask, but as time goes on and you know each other better, some of the best advice/tidbits can come from the more casual and unscripted conversations. And finally, to develop the parts of yourself that most need mentoring, you need to talk about the things you struggle with. There can be a certain vulnerability/initial discomfort with that, but remember that that's exactly what your mentor signed up to help you with, and probably something they've experienced themselves.” 

Shannon Hoffman, GS, CBE

Raghuveer photo
“To enhance the mentorship experience for both mentors and mentees, I think it’s imperative to foster open communication, set clear goals, and embrace the unique qualities each individual brings to the table. This approach ensures a fulfilling journey of learning, collaboration, and personal development. Sharing my knowledge and insights with my mentee has been a two-way street, contributing to mutual growth. ” 

Raghuveer Vinukollu *11, CEE, Head - Climate Insights & Advisory, Munich Re US

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"I am a GradFUTURES mentor and my philosophy to mentorship is, 'if I don't help you get on track to accomplish your vision then I failed as mentor.' As a graduate alum, you are expected to think critically, so listen carefully, question everything until you feel comfortable, and question your own thoughts until you are uncomfortable. If you think there's a problem, build your vision of a solution. Work to understand all aspects of the problem and align your vision with others. Make concrete goals and execute."

Akil Word-Daniels *18, ECE

“I have throughly enjoyed my experience as a mentor, been able to connect with extremely interesting and accomplished people, eager to go further, do more, explore and see the world differently. I love discussing their ideas, getting to know them while trying to support and advise them through their professional and personal journey. It is energizing and inspiring in many ways. Being a mentor has also allowed me to go back in time and reavautate my gradute and professional experience to date, putting many things into perspective. It has also brought up many fond memories of my time at Princeton and how special is to be part of the Princeton family.” 

Elena Peregrina-Salvador, *15, SPOHead of Group Finance Platform & Consumer Financing Products, Vodafone