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Overview of How GradFUTURES Partners with Academic Departments

Princeton University has 42 degree-granting departments and programs that admit students. The University also offers a growing number of joint degree offerings, graduate certificates and interdepartmental programs that allow students to work across disciplinary boundaries while still continuing to receive advanced training and a degree in the home department. Access the full list of these departments and links to departmental homepages on the Graduate School's website. 

GradFUTURES partners with academic departments to create custom programming, deliver data and professional development briefs, and facilitate connections with graduate students and alumni. Please note that as of March 2021, the page below is a draft and will be updated.

GradFUTURES Departmental Profiles: English Department

Carol Barash *89, ENG
Author, Educator, and Entrepreneur

Award-winning author, educator, and entrepreneur Carol Barash holds degrees from Yale (BA, summa cum laude), UVA (MA), and Princeton (Ph.D.) and has spent 20+ years innovating EdTech.

Wendy Laura Belcher
Professor of Comparative Literature and African American Studies
"Fortunately, the graduate student professional development program at Princeton University provides training in just these types of skills and thus is an essential part of graduate student success now and in the future."
Caitlin Charos *19, ENG
University Administrative Fellow

"As a UAF, I found the structure, skill-building, and community I was looking for to make my graduate school experience more intentional. I highly recommend the program not only to those seeking to acquire job skills but also for those on campus searching for a greater sense of purpose and voice in the university."

Janet Chow, GS, ENG
Community College Teaching Fellow
"The Community College Teaching Fellowship completely changed the way I think about accessibility and pedagogy, for which I’ll always be deeply thankful."
Maayan Dauber *15, ENG

I received my PhD in English from Princeton in 2015 after which I started working in the arts. I'm currently the Executive Director of the Eastern Region at American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic, where I spend my time raising money for the Orchestra. I live in Brooklyn with my husband and two children. 

"Princeton is at…

Will Fenton
Program Officer in the Office of Challenge Programs at the National Endowment for the Humanities

Will Fenton is Program Officer in the Office of Challenge Programs at the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Editor of Ghost River: The Fall and Rise of the Conestoga (Red Planet Books & Comics, 2019), which received the American Association for State and Local History's 2021 Leadership in History Award.  Prior to joining…

Andrew Finn, GS, ENG
University Administrative Fellow

I am the current Vice President of the Graduate Student Government, a University Administrative Fellow, and an English Department PhD Candidate who specializes in medieval English literature.

Anthie Georgiadi, GS, ENG
Graduate Student, Department of English

Anthie Georgiadi joined Princeton’s English Department in 2020. She received both her BA in English Language and Literature and her MA in Comparative Literary Studies with an emphasis on Classical Greek and Anglophone literature(s) from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. 

She is mostly interested in…

William A. Gleason
Hughes-Rogers Professor of English and American Studies;
"It's exciting to see how many new initiatives and opportunities for graduate student professional development are emerging here on campus, in communication, teaching, leadership, wellness, career management, and other crucial areas."
Lindsay Griffiths, GS, ENG
University Administrative Fellow
"So far, my experience with GradFUTURES has been nothing short of lovely, and I look forward to future engagement."
Christie Henry

Christie Henry is Director of Princeton University Press, and has nearly 30 years experience in university press publishing.  Since her arrival at PUP, the Press has launched an Audio Imprint (PrincetonAudio), an Equity and Inclusion Strategic Initiative, a Community Building Committee, a Digital Marketing Team, and an in -house speakers…

Colette Johnson *18, ENG
Director, Strategic Initiatives

"The programming that GradFUTURES offers is needed by graduate students, who are recognizing the broad value of their training, and want to find careers that allow them to engaged with values and career paths within and beyond the academy."

Lisa King

Lisa King is Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Writing, and Linguistics in the Department of English at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Her research and teaching interests are interdisciplinary, based on cultural rhetorics with an emphasis in contemporary Native American and Indigenous rhetorics. More specifically, she focuses on the…

Ann Kirschner *78, ENG
GradFUTURES Forum Keynote Speaker

Dr. Kirschner is a national and global voice for higher education. An educator, author, entrepreneur, and veteran of four start-ups, Ann is an ardent champion of career diversity and supporter of making professional development intrinsic to graduate education. She is currently a University Professor at The City University of New York (CUNY),…

Josh Kotin
Associate Professor, Department of English
"The workshop is an important forum for exploring graduate student professional development in the twenty-first century."
Lisa Kraege, GS, ENG
University Administrative Fellow

Lisa is a PhD candidate in the English department, studying the relationship between poetry and place.

"I'm a University Administrative Fellow with the Research Services department at the Library. I'm excited to learn about the inner workings of the library and how the librarians work with scholars and students to further…

Matthew Krumholtz *15, ENG
Director, Communications & Investor Relations, Blue Meridian Partners

Matthew leads partner engagement strategies and investor communications at Blue Meridian Partners, and he works cross-functionally to develop brand-building and thought leadership initiatives in support of Blue Meridian’s mission. Prior to Blue Meridian, Matthew worked with a range of mission-driven organizations across sectors, from digital media to financial services to higher education. He recently served as key architect of HuffPost’s philanthropic partnership model. In that role, he developed external engagement strategies and influence campaigns around issues of social and economic justice, including a collaborative learning and innovation platform focused on systems change. Matthew has also been a leader in re-imagining the public impact of the humanities.

Erica Machulak
Founder and Lead Facilitator of Hikma

Erica Machulak (she/her), PhD, is the Founder and Lead Facilitator of Hikma, a social impact startup with a mission to mobilize scholarship for the public good through consulting, capacity building, and storytelling. Over the past two years, Hikma clients have secured $6M+ in research…

Cate Mahoney *20, ENG
University Administrative Fellow

"In the spring I will teach my first class, and I'm super excited! I've found working with John and Stephanie to be like working with old friends."

Meredith Martin
Faculty Director, Center for Digital Humanities

Meredith Martin is Associate Professor of English and the Faculty Director for the Center for Digital Humanities. She works on the history of poetic forms, educational and disciplinary history, historical poetics, and historical prosody.

She is also a mentor in the University Administrative Fellowship Program.

Stephanie Pope, GS, ENG
Summer Intern, Huo Family Foundation

"I would without qualification recommend an internship at the Foundation for anyone looking for a varied, challenging summer work experience and a cultural introduction to London."

John Schulz, GS, ENG
University Administrative Fellow
The UAF "allowed me to use my research skills in new ways to find creative solutions that help respond to the challenges graduate student populations face as learners." 
Jessica Terekhov, GS, ENG
Community College Teaching Fellow

I am a PhD candidate with a focus on Victorian fiction, not at all exclusively. My dissertation deals with wit in chapters that chart a course from the third Lord Shaftesbury to T. S. Eliot, refracting the term through Victorian and modernist social and literary criticism. I treat George Meredith as the novelist most germane to this work…

Katherine Thorpe *20, ENG
University Administrative Fellow

"It has been wonderful to have another sort of “home” outside of my department on campus, and another community of people to meet and learn from—it has really extended and added to my learning as a graduate student at Princeton."

Howard Tinberg

Howard Tinberg, a professor of English (retired) at Bristol Community College, Massachusetts and former editor of the journal Teaching English in the Two-Year College, is the author of Border Talk:  Writing and Knowing in the Two-Year College and Writing with Consequence:  What Writing Does in the Disciplines…

Janine Utell
Program Manager for Professional Development at the Modern Language Association

Janine Utell is Program Manager for Professional Development at the Modern Language Association.  Prior to taking on this role, she was Professor and Chair of English and Creative Writing at Widener University in Chester, PA.  She is currently the President of the Modernist Studies Association, and is the author or editor of several books.  

Jennifer van Alstyne
Communications Strategist, The Academic Designer

Jennifer van Alstyne is a communications strategist for professors and researchers. At The Academic Designer LLC, Jennifer helps people and organizations share their work effectively online. The Social Academic blog shares advice articles and interviews on managing your online presence. Jennifer is a Peruvian-American poet with a BA in English…

Camey VanSant *20, ENG
University Administrative Fellowship Program Mentor

Camey VanSant was Postgraduate Research Associate (2020) and Postdoctoral Fellow and Communications Lead (2020–21) at the Center for Digital Humanities. She earned her Ph.D. in English from Princeton in April 2020. Her research explores how the nineteenth-century British novel engages with changes in nationality law. She served as Project…

Hellen Wainaina, GS, ENG
University Administrative Fellow, Host & Executive Producer of the GradFUTURES Podcast

Hellen Wainaina (she/her) is a PhD student in the English department and a scholar in the Graduate Scholars Program through the Access, Diversity & Inclusion Office. In her research and writing, Hellen is interested in postcolonial narratology, black aesthetics, and critical resistance to reductive readings of postcolonial literature,…