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Overview of How GradFUTURES Partners with Academic Departments

Princeton University has 42 degree-granting departments and programs that admit students. The University also offers a growing number of joint degree offerings, graduate certificates and interdepartmental programs that allow students to work across disciplinary boundaries while still continuing to receive advanced training and a degree in the home department. Access the full list of these departments and links to departmental homepages on the Graduate School's website. 

GradFUTURES partners with academic departments to create custom programming, deliver data and professional development briefs, and facilitate connections with graduate students and alumni. Please note that as of March 2021, the page below is a draft and will be updated.

Departmental Profiles: Classics

Jill Arbeiter
Graduate Administrator, Department of Classics
Christopher Caterine
GradFUTURES Forum Speaker
Joy Connolly '91
President, American Council of Learned Societies
Alicia M. Ejsmond-Frey *19, CLA
GradFUTURES Summer Fellow, Open Innovation Team, Cabinet Office (London, UK)
Mallory Monaco Caterine *13, CLA
Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kallion Leadership, Inc.
John Tully *12, CLA
Associate Director, Delivery Associates
James M. Van Wyck
Assistant Dean for Professional Development
Jamie Wheeler
University Administrative Fellow
Clem Wood *18, CLA
Manager, Bain & Company