Writing & Public Speaking

Graduate student with microphone in front of seated graduate students at an event


Writing and Public Speaking

Developing strong written communication and public speaking skills to effectively communicate complex topics and demonstrate your expertise and research to diverse audiences. 

Key topics:

  • Hone writing skills for publication
  • Learn how to present your work to audiences of different sizes
  • Demonstrate the impact and relevance of your research and scholarship
  • Establish thought leadership and subject matter expertise

Upcoming Events

“As someone who had to work a full time job while in graduate school, I always saw professional development and graduate studies as going hand in hand. The more I practiced writing and research for my graduate program, the better I became at drafting reports and analyzing data in my job. Likewise, the more time I spent in my job delivery updates in meetings, the more comfortable I felt sharing my thoughts around the seminar table.” 

Leanne Horinko, Graduate Program Assistant, Department of History

"Although I'd established myself as a writer before coming to Princeton, I decided to pursue a PhD in order to develop the skills and experience necessary to add my research and scholarship to the national conversation. Now more than ever, historians have a responsibility – and an opportunity – to speak to a public increasingly curious about the roots of the challenges that face us in the present and eager to know how the American story has been misinterpreted in the past. The training I've received at Princeton has left me better prepared to meet that need in ways beyond the traditional understanding of a PhD career." 

Haina Wang, GS, CHE