Teaching & Mentoring

Applying instructional pedagogies, assessment methods, and effective teaching practices to promote inclusive learning environments whether within a formal classroom setting or online, for student mentoring and tutoring, or facilitation of training programs within other organizational settings.   

Key Topics: 

  • Develop syllabi, agendas, lesson plans, and learning outcomes for formal courses, informal teaching settings, and online learning environments
  • Create inclusive learning environments 
  • Understand a variety of instructional techniques and assessment methods
  • Apply principles of inclusive mentoring to mentor undergraduate students, early scholars, and peers
  • Compose a diversity statement

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Suggested Teaching Roadmap

Student and Alumni Stories

Read how current students and alumni have applied their teaching and mentoring skills to various disciplines.

Dan Berbecel, *19 (POL)
Community College Teaching Fellow
Sophie Brady, GS, MUS
Community College Teaching Fellow
Merle Eisenberg, *18, HIS
Community College Teaching Fellow