Princeton Peer Nightline

What Is Princeton Peer Nightline?

Princeton Peer Nightline is an anonymous peer listening service. Our listeners are undergraduate students of Princeton University who have been trained and certified as helpline volunteers. We provide empathetic, non-judgmental support to Princeton University students who wish to share a problem, are in need of information, or just want to talk about whatever is on their mind. Whether it’s relationships, academic stress, a fight with a friend or a parent, depression, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, roommate troubles, or you just had a really bad day and want to vent, we’re here to listen and make sure that no student has to face their problems alone.

Peer Nightline volunteers do not provide professional counseling, but rather supportive listening. Students in crisis will be directed to appropriate professional resources including the CPS counselor on call. We highly recommend that students who are experiencing mental health emergencies reach out to the on-call counselor at CPS (609) 258-3139 or to Public Safety at (609) 258-1000.