Podcasting @ The GradFUTURES Studio for New Media


The GradFUTURES New Media Studio creates bespoke programs and resources to fit your new media goals.

Train at live sessions or asynchronously on your own schedule, create podcast episodes, apply for fellowships to pursue longer-term projects, and connect with alumni working in podcasting and public radio.

This program is a good professional development opportunity for graduate students interested in developing skills in public-facing media, graduate students looking to share their research, and graduate students interested in connecting with opportunities in new media.

Points of Contact

Genevieve Allotey-Pappoe, GS, MUS
University Administrative Fellow
Rebekah Haigh, GS, REL
Community College Teaching Fellow
Francine Henry
Audio Engineer, GradFUTURES Podcast
Margaret Koval *83
Director of Special Projects, Princeton University
Elio Lleo
Executive Producer, African American Studies Podcast at Princeton University
Shelby Lohr, GS, HIS
Professional Development Associate 2020-21
Scott Lyon
Communications Specialist, School of Engineering and Applied Science
Jason McSheene *15, MOL
Associate Medical Director, ApotheCom
Ingrid Ockert *18, HOS
Marketing Communications Coordinator, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory