Social Sciences

  • Elaine Enriquez *15, SOC

    "Know your options, and learn how to set yourself up for success. The old saw is true: luck favors the prepared. Don't be afraid to imagine your dream job. Prepare for it like you would anything else, and be open to surprising opportunities anywhere."
  • Jeff Phaneuf GS, SPIA

    Jeff Phaneuf is a former Marine Corps infantry officer and congressional campaign manager now focused on innovation and social entrepreneurship. Originally from Massachusetts, Jeff is a graduate of Harvard and currently an MPA2 in the School of Public & International Affairs.

    Jeff is a University Administrative Fellow in Entrepreneurial Leadership with the Keller Center.

    "I learned the importance of innovation while deployed Iraq. Entrepreneurial thinking and creative problem-solving kept my Marines safe every day in the fight against ISIS. 

  • Pallavi Podapati GS, HIS

    "My fellowship with the American Society on Aging focused my thinking on larger sociopolitical issues and allowed me to apply my research in rewarding ways, all while working alongside a fantastic team of dedicated individuals."
  • Anu Vedantham *94 (SPIA)

    "I have appreciated the welcoming community provided by GradFUTURES, connecting faculty, staff, graduate students and alums to each other. The conversations are creative and inclusive, and I am grateful for the careful facilitation to help all of us contribute."
  • Melissa Tier GS, SPI

    '"I'm also really grateful that my professional and academic experiences can continue to inform each other, and I appreciate that Princeton makes it possible to interweave these interests..."
  • Larry Liu

    "I am very grateful to GradFUTURES for providing current graduate students the opportunity to learn from professionals in higher education administration and thereby learn new skills and acquire new networks that are useful inside and outside of the academy."
  • Edward P Freeland *92 (SOC)

    Dr. Edward P. Freeland is the Associate Director of the Princeton Survey Research Center and a Lecturer at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. He also has mentored numerous University Administrative Fellows at the SRC. Dr. Freeland teaches a graduate seminar (SPI 593e - Surveys, Polls and Public Policy), and advises faculty and students who are conducting survey research projects. 

  • Felicia Zhang GS, PSY

    Felicia Zhang is a PhD student in Psychology, and served as a University Administrative Fellow in the Center for Career Development.

  • Kristin Bietsch *15, POP

    Kristin Bietsch finished her PhD in Demography at Princeton’s Office of Population Research in 2015.  She moved to Washington D.C.


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