Graduate Alumni/ae

  • Alana Ballantyne *13 (GER)

    "Stepping outside my comfort zone as an academic was really scary at first, but I'm really pleased that I pushed myself."
  • Ying Wu *96, CHE

    Ying earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Princeton. She is currently the General Manager of Clean Air Catalyst at BASF, serving customers worldwide in air pollution mitigation and air quality improvements. BASF is a EUR 60 billion global conglomerate in Chemicals and Material Sciences. As a business leader with over 20 years of experience, Ying is passionate about solving problems with technological advances and innovative business models.

  • Elena Peregrina-Salvador *15, SPA

    Dr. Elena Peregrina Salvador specializes in strategy and revenue management in the Digital/ Startups and Telecoms sectors. Currently, she works as Strategy Principal for Vodafone Group, one of the top 10 telecoms corporations in the world, where she looks after the Consumer Product and Services portfolio.

  • Elaine Enriquez *15, SOC

    "Know your options, and learn how to set yourself up for success. The old saw is true: luck favors the prepared. Don't be afraid to imagine your dream job. Prepare for it like you would anything else, and be open to surprising opportunities anywhere."
  • Joe Tylka *19, MAE

    Dr. Joe Tylka is a research scientist at Siemens Corporate Technology whose expertise lies in multichannel signal processing, intelligent control, and machine learning. He received his Ph.D. in 2019 from Princeton University, where his dissertation research focused on virtual navigation of measured 3D sound fields.

    "I have enjoyed working with the GradFUTURES team at a variety of career/networking events and the new GradFUTURES Mentorship program. The staff are all very kind and driven to help the students achieve their career goals. I'm happy to be a part of it!

  • Brenden Rickards, *96 (MOL)

    "The experiences at Princeton University in the classrooms, laboratories and departmental colloquia and functions helped mold me into the professional educator that I am today. The leadership and public speaking skills that I obtained in my graduate career have allowed me to continue to progress into public leadership positions within the college."
  • Joshua Wallace *19, AST

    Joshua Wallace earned a PhD in Astrophysics in 2019 and is a Space Systems Analyst with Stellar Science.

  • Andrea Morris *99, MOL

    "GradFUTURES has been a great way to build stronger connections to Princeton's Graduate School and also to current graduate students..."
  • Camey VanSant *20, ENG

    Camey VanSant is Postdoctoral Fellow and Communications Lead at the Center for Digital Humanities. She earned her Ph.D. in English from Princeton in April 2020. Her research explores how the nineteenth-century British novel engages with changes in nationality law. She began working at CDH in February, as part of the PGRA (Postgraduate Research Associate) Program.

  • Curtis Hillegas *02, CHE

    Curtis Hillegas is Associate CIO in Research Computing. He earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Princeton in 2002. He serves as a mentor in the University Administrative Fellowship Program.


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