GradFUTURES Virtual Meetup Participant

  • Kristin Bietsch *15, POP

    Kristin Bietsch finished her PhD in Demography at Princeton’s Office of Population Research in 2015.  She moved to Washington D.C.

  • Marina Paul *11, MOL

    Marina Paul earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Princeton in 2011.

    Marina is SVP, Medical Director at Calcium. She was the featured speaker at a GradFUTURES Virtual Meetup in June of 2020.

  • John Tully *12, CLA

    John earned his Ph.D. in Classics from Princeton in 2012.  Since leaving Princeton, John has worked for BCG in New York, Tokyo, and Rio.  He is now an Associate Director for Delivery Associates, which partners with governments and other organizations around the world to improve people's lives. He leads their global Delivery Institute practice.

  • Geneva Stein *14, MOL

    Geneva Stein earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Princeton in 2014. She is now an Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences at Minerva  Schools at KGI. Before this she was the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Learning Programs at Princeton University where she also served as a lecturer in Molecular Biology. 

  • Mallory Monaco Caterine, *13 (CLA)

    Mallory Monaco Caterine *13, Classics, Co-Founder and Executive Director at Kallion Leadership, Inc., Senior Professor of Practice in Classical Studies & Greenberg Family Professor of Social Entrepreneurship & Cole Fellow, Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking, Tulane University.

  • Carol Barash *89, ENG

    Award-winning author, educator, and entrepreneur Carol Barash holds degrees from Yale (BA, summa cum laude), UVa (MA), and Princeton (Ph.D.) and has spent 20+ years innovating EdTech.

  • Jake Herb *17, CHE

    Jake Herb is a Principal Scientist in the Materials and Energy Technology Group at Physical Sciences, Inc. (PSI). PSI specializes in developing and transitioning advanced technology from the laboratory to commercial and government use. Jake contributes to product development in the areas of advanced lithium-ion anode and cathode materials, as well as electrolyte formulation. He earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Materials Science in the lab of Dr. Craig Arnold at Princeton University, where he focused on the development of magnesium-ion batteries.

  • Zoë Buonaiuto *18, HIS

    "Participating in the UAF program was one of the most formative experiences I had at Princeton. The program provided me important mentorship, a supportive community, and lasting connections that expanded my vision of what I could do post-PhD."
  • Natalie Berkman *18, FIT

    "Organizing the first Grad Student Career Meetup helped me to start picturing myself doing other things, and now I am happily managing academics at a creative media school in Paris."
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