• Matthew Krumholtz *15 (ENG)

    I received my PhD in 2015 from Princeton’s English department, where my research focused on narrative strategies invented over the last century and used to fuel social and cultural movements–from the Harlem Renaissance to the Civil Rights Movement. I wanted to put that body of research into practice, and I launched MK Impact, my social impact consulting firm, that same year. Through my consulting practice, I work with mission–driven organizations to amplify their reach and influence.

  • Brian DeGrazia

    Brian DeGrazia is Assistant Director of Programs and Project Lead for Graduate and Career Programs and Partnerships at the Modern Language Association. He holds a PhD in Italian Studies.

    "There are (at least!) three things I wish I'd known and more fully embraced during my PhD program: that there's a broad range of career possibilities available to me; that multiple mentors and a broader community for dialogue are absolutely essential; and that neither my research nor my work more broadly define who I am.

  • Paula Krebs

    Paula M. Krebs is the Executive Director of the Modern Language Association, the largest scholarly organization in the humanities, with 24,000 members from more than 100 countries. Her role includes national advocacy work for the humanities and humanities education. She has written on higher education and humanities issues for the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, CNN, the Washington Post, Slate, and other publications, and she serves on the board of the National Humanities Alliance.

  • Colette Johnson *18, ENG

    "The programming that GradFUTURES offers is needed by graduate students, who are recognizing the broad value of their training, and want to find careers that allow them to engaged with values and career paths within and beyond the academy."
  • Jessica Terekhov GS, ENG

    I am a PhD candidate with a focus on Victorian fiction, not at all exclusively. My dissertation deals with wit in chapters that chart a course from the third Lord Shaftesbury to T. S. Eliot, refracting the term through Victorian and modernist social and literary criticism. I treat George Meredith as the novelist most germane to this work. Meanwhile, I am compiling a bibliography of originally part-issued Victorian novels in token of my long-standing interest in serialization and print history.

  • Jennifer Soong GS, ENG

    I am a doctoral candidate in the English Department, where I work on poetry and poetics and 20th century American literature. I am currently completing my dissertation Poetic Forgetting.

    "I am a 2021 Community College Teaching Fellow at Mercer County Community College."

  • Lindsay Griffiths GS, ENG

    "So far, my experience with GradFUTURES has been nothing short of lovely, and I look forward to future engagement."
  • Lisa Kraege GS, ENG

    Lisa is a PhD candidate in the English department, studying the relationship between poetry and place.

    "I'm a University Administrative Fellow with the Research Services department at the Library. I'm excited to learn about the inner workings of the library and how the librarians work with scholars and students to further their own work. I was drawn to the UAF program precisely because it offers the chance to combine professional experience with academic experience--it's really geared towards students."

  • Meredith Martin

    Meredith Martin is Associate Professor of English and the Faculty Director for the Center for Digital Humanities. She works on the history of poetic forms, educational and disciplinary history, historical poetics, and historical prosody.

    She is also a mentor in the University Administrative Fellowship Program.

  • Andrew Finn GS, ENG

    I am the current Vice President of the Graduate Student Government, a University Administrative Fellow, and an English Department PhD Candidate who specializes in medieval English literature.

    I have also served as a University Administrative Fellow with Princeton Research Day.


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