Student, Faculty, and Alumni Stories

Evangeline "Eva" Kubu

  • Associate Dean & Director of Professional Development

Associate Dean and Director Kubu provides strategic vision and leads the efforts of the Graduate School in developing a comprehensive and...

Phone: 609-258-8436
Office: 113 Clio Hall

Avery Agles, GS, CBE

  • University Administrative Fellow
"My experience has totally transformed my idea of academia into a place where meaningful change and empowerment can happen."

Jonathan Aguirre, GS, SPO

  • Professional Development Working Group Member
  • Participant, American Higher Ed GradFUTURES Learning Cohort
  • Participant, Ethics of AI GradFUTURES Learning Cohort
"I've been most appreciative of the stimulating conversations that have motivated me to pursue research topics I would have never otherwise...

Mai Alkhamissi, GS, ANT

  • University Administrative Fellow

Mai K. Alkhamissi is a second-year PhD student with an MA in Anthropology and Cultural Politics from Goldsmiths and a BA in Anthropology and...

Jill Arbeiter

  • Professional Development Working Group Member

Jill Arbeiter is the Graduate Administrator in the Department of Classics at Princeton University, and a member of the...

Emilia Arguello, GS, Chemistry

  • Community College Teaching Fellow
"I am excited to participate in this fellowship to experience the personal connections – both as a mentee and as a mentor – that only a genuine...

Megan Armknecht, GS, HIS

  • Summer Intern, Bureau of Bureau of Public Affairs/ Office of the Historian in Washington D.C
"[T]his experience helped me form meaningful working relationships with other historians, and has been helpful in framing my prospectus for my...

Soha Aslam, *20, MAE

  • Pathways with a Ph.D. Participant
  • GradFUTURES Forum Participant

Soha Aslam earned a Masters of Science and Engineering (MSE) candidate in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering program at Princeton University...

Joseph Avery, GS, PSY

  • GradFUTURES Learning Cohort Participant
"I learned a lot, I met other students with similar interests, and I formed lasting relationships with experts in the respective fields."

Yuzhou Bai, GS, EAS

  • Professional Development Associate
"I'm excited to support my fellow Ph.D.s in at least two ways: to highlight recent job market trends and consult on new career options for graduate...

B. Ben Baldanza, *86, SPI

  • Star Lessons in Leadership Keynote Speaker

The inaugural keynote speaker for the GradFUTURES Star Lessons in Leadership series, B. Ben Baldanza *86, a Princeton School of Public and...

Alana Ballantyne *13 (GER)

"Stepping outside my comfort zone as an academic was really scary at first, but I'm really pleased that I pushed myself."

Carol Barash *89, ENG

  • GradFUTURES Forum Speaker

Award-winning author, educator, and entrepreneur Carol Barash holds degrees from Yale (BA,

John Barr, GS, CHM

  • Community College Teaching Fellow

John Barr is a Ph.D. Candidate in Chemistry and a 2020 Community College Teaching Fellow at Camden County College.

Udit Batra, *96 (CBE)

  • CEO, MilliporeSigma
  • Member of the Executive Board, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Dr. Udit Batra earned a Ph.D.

Mary Bechler

  • Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration

Mary Bechler is a Senior Associate Dean in the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School.

Wendy Laura Belcher

  • Professor of Comparative Literature and African American Studies
"Fortunately, the graduate student professional development program at Princeton University provides training in just these types of skills and thus...

André Benhaïm

  • Associate Professor
  • Director of Graduate Studies
"The leadership and opportunities promoted by GradFutures provide students with invaluable practical tools that will help them magnify their...

Dan Berbecel, *19, Politics

  • Community College Teaching Fellow
"I would recommend this program to any Princeton graduate student, and they will gain a lot by participating in it."

Natalie Berkman, *18, FIT

  • University Administrative Fellow
"Organizing the first Grad Student Career Meetup helped me to start picturing myself doing other things, and now I am happily managing academics at a...

Kristin Bietsch, *15, POP

  • GradFUTURES Virtual Meetup Speaker

Kristin Bietsch finished her PhD in Demography at Princeton’s Office of Population Research in 2015.  She moved to Washington D.C.

Joel Boggess

  • Coordinator, Professional Development & Access and Inclusion

As a Coordinator for the Professional Development and Access, Diversity, and Inclusion teams, Joel helps to manage the daily workflow and to...

Phone: 609-258-9794
Office: Clio Hall

Cara Bramson

  • GradFUTURES Learning Cohort Participant

Cara Bramson is the Student Outreach and Programming Coordinator at the Princeton University Art Museum, and a presenter at the GradFUTURES...

Marshall Brown

  • Director, Princeton Urban Imagination Center

Marshall Brown is an architect, urbanist, and scholar. Among other accomplishments, he has represented the United States at the prestigious Venice...

Sarah Marie Bruno, GS Physics

"The Pathways with a PhD Bootcamp helped me gain a renewed sense of purpose and energy in my graduate studies."


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