Professional Development Working Group

The Professional Development Working Group 

A collaborative, cross-functional team has been convened to integrate, assess and promote all of the robust professional development programs, opportunities, and resources offered for graduate students across campus. This group’s work will ensure the success of the GradFUTURES campus-wide initiative, our shared mission to support graduate student professional development, and the strategic priorities of the Graduate School.

Specific Goals:

  • Provide strategic input regarding ways to build a campus ecosystem by engaging all campus stakeholders, academic departments (by division), alumni and industry partners in collaboration efforts;
  • Design a framework for the learning and acquisition of the six core professional development competencies for students at each stage of their graduate education;
  • Organize a menu of programs, opportunities, and resources offered across campus according to the six core competencies;
  • Identify gaps between graduate students’ needs and Princeton’s current offerings in each competency area and propose ways to address these gaps;
  • Recommend assessment strategies and measurable learning outcomes for graduate student professional development;
  • Identify and expand graduate student fellowships available across campus;
  • Explore ways to share quantitative and qualitative data and develop stories that demonstrate the impact of professional development on the graduate student experience and post-graduation outcomes.

Professional Development Working Group Members

Co-chairs: Eva Kubu, Associate Dean & Director and Amy Pszczolkowski, Assistant Dean

Graduate Students:

Campus Partner Members: