Professional Development Working Group

The PDWG supports graduate student professional development!

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Launched in 2019, the Professional Development Working Group (PDWG) is a collaborative, cross-functional coalition that convenes regularly to integrate, assess, and promote all of the robust professional development programs, opportunities, and resources offered for graduate students across campus. This group’s shared mission is to expand the availability and visibility of graduate student professional development and to support this strategic priority of the Graduate School.

PDWG Goals

  • Provide strategic input regarding ways to build a campus ecosystem by engaging all campus stakeholders, academic departments (by division), alumni, and industry partners in collaboration efforts;
  • Organize a menu of programs, opportunities, and resources for the learning and acquisition of the eight core professional development competencies for students at each stage of their graduate education;
  • Identify gaps between graduate students’ needs and Princeton’s current offerings in each competency area and propose ways to address these gaps;
  • Recommend assessment strategies and measurable learning outcomes for graduate student professional development;
  • Identify and expand graduate student fellowships available across campus;
  • Explore ways to share quantitative and qualitative data and develop stories that demonstrate the impact of professional development on the graduate student experience and post-graduation outcomes.
“My career has included many surprising twists and turns. Paying attention to what I need to learn, and how I can manage my own learning has helped me to progress. My current work gives me many opportunities to learn new skills, which I find wonderful. I have appreciated the welcoming community provided by GradFUTURES, connecting faculty, staff, graduate students and alums to each other. The conversations are creative and inclusive, and I am grateful for the careful facilitation to help all of us contribute."

Anu Vedantham, *94 (SPIA), Assistant University Librarian for Research Services

Current PDWG Members

Elizabeth Adams
Executive Director, Office of Research and Project Administration
Future Faculty Workshop Speaker
Jill Arbeiter
Graduate Administrator, Department of Classics
Professional Development Working Group Member
Ipsita Dey, GS, ANT
Professional Development Associate 2023-24
Steve Gump
Associate Director of Fellowship Advising, Office of International Programs
Leanne Horinko
Graduate Program Assistant, Department of History
Professional Development Working Group Member
B. Rose Huber
GradFUTURES Forum Panelist
Director of Communications & Senior Writer
Florence Hudson '80, MAE
Executive Director, Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub at Columbia University
Founder & CEO, FDHint, LLC
GradFUTURES Fellowship Sponsor
Cornelia Huellstrunk
Executive Director, The Keller Center
Professional Development Working Group Member
University Administrative Fellowship Mentor
Jessica Leung *19, ARC
Design Program Manager & Lecturer
GradFUTURES Forum Speaker
Camila Llerena-Olivera, GS, CEE
Professional Development Associate 2023-24
Anne-Marie Maman '84
Executive Director of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council
Clio Hall Award Recipient
Shawn Maxam
Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion
Inclusive Leadership Learning Cohort Speaker & Professional Development Working Group Member
Clio Hall Award Recipient
Andrea Morris *99, MOL
Assistant Dean and Director, Career & Professional Development, Rockefeller University
GradFUTURES Mentor & Alum-in-Residence (Summer 2022, Spring/Summer 2023)
Clio Hall Award Recipient
Laura Murray
Assistant Director, Learning Programs, The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
University Administrative Fellowship Mentor
Clio Hall Award Recipient
Karen Oliver
Graduate Program Administrator, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Professional Development Working Group Member
Pablo Oyler-Castrillo, GS, QCB
Professional Development Associate 2023-24
Sacha Patera
Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations, Office of Dean for Research
Future Faculty Workshop Speaker
Christina Pellicane
Assistant Director of Innovation, Lead Instructor, I-Corps Northeast Hub, Office of the Dean for Research
Amy Pszczolkowski
Associate Director, Graduate Career Development & Alumni Relations, SPIA
Co-chair, GCC Professional Development Committee
Clio Hall Award Recipient
Jill Ray
Graduate Program Manager, Department of Psychology
Professional Development Working Group Member
Tara Ronda
Program Coordinator, Prison Teaching Initiative
Professional Development Working Group Member
Mariyah Salem
Assistant Director for International Programs
Professional Development Working Group Member
Mathilde Sauquet, GS, ART
Professional Development Associate 2023-24
Sarah Schwarz
Associate Director, Teaching Initiatives and Programs for Graduate Students, The McGraw Center
GradFUTURES Forum Speaker
Clio Hall Award Recipient
Wright Seneres
Social Media and Marketing Specialist, Princeton Entrepreneurship Council
GradFUTURES Forum Presenter
Hansen Tjo, GS, CBE
Professional Development Associate 2023-24
Anu Vedantham *94, SPIA
Assistant University Librarian for Teaching, Research and Social Sciences and Liaison for Indigenous Studies
UAF Mentor & Professional Development Working Group Member
Clio Hall Award Recipient
Hellen Wainaina, GS, ENG
University Administrative Fellow
Host & Executive Producer, GradFUTURES Podcast
John Weeren
Founding Director, Princeton Writes
Professional Development Working Group Member
Clio Hall Award Recipient
Michele Whitlow
Associate Director of Alumni Affairs, SPIA
University Administrative Fellowship Program Mentor
Clio Hall Award Recipient
Qiqi Yang, GS, EEB
Professional Development Associate 2023-24
Julie Yun
Associate Dean, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Princeton Engineering
Future Faculty Workshop Speaker
Catherine Zandonella
Senior Associate Director for Communications, Dean for Research
Tianxia X headshot
“The style of professional development at Princeton inspires and supports: when I see a common need from interacting with my peers, I set out to seek allies and create solutions so that others will have resources when they encounter the same challenge. GradFUTURES makes my experience at Princeton even more vivid than I expected!” 

Tianxia Xiao *23 (CHM)