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Fellowship Description

The Sustainability Research University Administrative Fellowship will allow an exceptional graduate student to work on transformative sustainability initiatives including sustainability performance tracking and reporting (joining the team to develop an annual report for the office) as well as efforts to advance operational goals (such as reducing waste & sustainability purchasing).

The Fellow will undertake challenging sustainability projects that are designed to create an immediate impact, offer an extraordinary learning experience, and foster meaningful collaboration.

Become a Fellow and join the next generation of sustainability leaders!

Your Host

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This position supports the mission of the Office of Sustainability (to cultivate an ethos of sustainability at Princeton that inspires action at all scales in service to humanity and the world) by promoting the integration of Princeton’s sustainability goals into life on campus.

UAF Mentor

Andrew D'Amico
Assistant Director for Operational Engagement & Impact Analysis

As Assistant Director for the Office of Sustainability, Andrew works to integrate sustainability and environmental justice into campus operations and strategy. He partners with administrative departments to identify and implement process improvements that advance Sustainability Action Plan Objectives. Andrew also leads the Office’s performance measurement and reporting efforts, turning data into actionable insights that inform decision-making and optimize sustainability. He is a member of the Data Analytics Working Group and the Ivy+ Sustainability Consortium.

Former and Current Mentors and Fellows

Kellie G. Abbott
Social Impact Fellowship Mentor
Director of Special Initiatives at NJCEH
Megan Armknecht, GS, HIS
Summer Intern, Bureau of Bureau of Public Affairs/ Office of the Historian in Washington D.C
Leanne Clark-Shirley
Vice President of Programs and Thought Leadership, The American Society on Aging
Social Impact Fellowship Mentor
Andrew D'Amico
Assistant Director for Operational Engagement & Impact Analysis
Jessica Dheere '93
Director of Ranking Digital Rights, New America
Social Impact Fellowship Mentor
Peter J. Dougherty
Social Impact Fellowship Mentor
Director, The APS Press, and Member, The American Philosophical Society
Benjamin Dziobek
Social Impact Fellowship Mentor
Community Outreach Specialist, New Jersey Future
Anna Eddelbuettel Hancock, GS, CBE
Community College Teaching Fellow
Alicia M. Ejsmond-Frey *19, CLA
GradFUTURES Summer Fellow, Open Innovation Team, Cabinet Office (London, UK)
Alissa Fishbane
Social Impact Fellowship Mentor
Managing Director, (Un)Warranted at Ideas42