GradFUTURES Fellowship Program

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GradFUTURES Fellowships Overview

During these unprecedented times, completing a funded fellowship or summer internship as part of doctoral training offers graduate students an opportunity to explore diverse career paths and gain invaluable experience. Please contact us to learn more about virtual fellowships or summer internship opportunities for graduate students.

Offering immersive experiences throughout the academic year and/or during the summer, the Graduate School offers funded fellowships and/or internships at organizations within the nonprofit or public sector. Working closely with our colleagues in Corporate and Foundation Relations and the Center for Career Development, we can also partner with private sector organizations to design fellowships whereby students are compensated by the organization.  (Please note that compensation for paid opportunities within the private sector must follow the Graduate School's guidelines for graduate student funding.) 

These opportunities provide graduate students with interdisciplinary project team experience while working under the direction of an industry mentor. Students receive one-on-one mentoring and coaching, gain exposure to organizational dynamics and leadership strategies via shadowing and participating in meetings and/or presentations. Host organizations work closely with the Graduate School to determine the learning outcomes and professional development goals for these immersive experiences. The expectation is that the fellowship will be mutually beneficial and host organizations will benefit from the diverse ideas of graduate students in conjunction with meaningful project deliverables. All fellows deliver a multi-media presentation at the conclusion of their fellowship. The average time commitment can between 6-10 hours per week for the length of a semester and up to 40 hours per week during the summer. 

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