Fellowship Spotlight: Leading with a Humanities Ph.D.

April 19, 2022

Lucy Partman *21, Art and Archeology

When she began her doctoral studies at Princeton, Lucy Partman didn’t imagine herself the way she sees herself now: a transdisciplinary scholar, designer, and strategic adviser, with leadership experience in education, business, fashion, and cultural institutions. What changed? A deep connection and involvement in the programs and opportunities afforded by the GradFUTURES campus-wide ecosystem of support.

As a University Administrative Fellow, Lucy helped create a learning cohort focused on exploring leadership and career diversity in the arts and public humanities. Now, in connection with the GradFUTURES team, she is giving a helping hand to fellow graduate students at the local and national levels.

Lucy’s work as a UAF led to an article with national impact: “Why you should share the dissertation-writing process,” published in Inside Higher Ed, highlighting the importance of reflecting on, learning from and sharing the process of building a dissertation and the experience of graduate education more broadly. Inspired by her time working with GradFUTURES, Lucy is now leading an interdisciplinary course with the Keller Center for Entrepreneurship and the Lewis Center for the Arts. Dubbed the “Looking Lab,” the course equips Princeton seniors with critical and hands-on tools for engaging—critically and thoughtfully—with the visual world.

"Graduate students and PhDs have world-class analytical skills, are passionate and dedicated systems thinkers, and can deal with tremendous amounts of ambiguity. I believe we can be agents of innovation, change, and leadership in the world.” 

Lucy Partman *21, ART

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