Clio Hall Awardees Feted at the 2022 GradFUTURES Forum

April 7, 2022

In a hybrid ceremony at the 2022 GradFUTURES Forum--held in person in Chancellor Green Rotunda with remote participants joining via Zoom--this year's Clio Hall awardees were celebrated with a reception and award presentation.

Each year, The Clio Hall Awards are presented by the Graduate School's professional development team to faculty, staff, graduate alumni, and graduate students in recognition of significant contributions to the professional development of Princeton graduate students. A committee reviews nominations submitted from across campus, and the award is presented each year at the GradFUTURES Forum. 

The award takes its name from Clio Hall--a landmark building at the University, which was built more than 125 years ago (1893), and is the home of the Graduate School’s administrative offices. The award itself is a miniature replica of Clio Hall, a Greek-revival style building. The Clio Hall Award--a 3D printed replica of Clio Hall, home of the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School--has been produced with the generous support of the Council on Science and Technology. 

A range of faculty, staff, graduate alumni and graduate students, the 2022 Clio Hall Awardees are:

This cohort of 16 awardees--in addition to the 12 awardees in the inaugural year of the Clio Hall awards--were all recognized for  their intrinsic and integral support and partnership in creating an ecosystem of support for Princeton graduate students.

The GradFUTURES initiative launched in July 2019 with an intentional focus on creating a broad, campus-wide coalition including more than 40+ partners, among them faculty, directors of graduate study, graduate program administrators, staff from nearly all centers and administrative offices, alumni and, at the center, graduate students.

GradFUTURES Forum wide shot with attendees and speakers in frame. Chancellor Green Rotunda with banners left and right.

During a ceremony held on Friday, April 1st, Eva Kubu, associate dean for professional development and director of GradFUTURES recognized the awardees and acknowledged the critical role of every member of the campus-wide coalition.

"The GradFUTURES Initiative is led by the Graduate School but it is truly fueled by a robust ecosystem of campus partners, faculty, alumni, graduate student leaders, and industry partners. Based on their collective and individual contributions, every one of this year's Clio Hall Award honorees has helped ensure that Princeton's holistic approach to graduate student professional development is innovative, inclusive, and integrative-- and most of all, intrinsic to every graduate students' experience." 

For more information about the Clio Hall award, and to submit recommendations for future Clio Hall Award recipients, please visit the GradFUTURES Clio Hall Award website.