GradFUTURES Two-Year Impact Report Looks to the Future

April 19, 2022

GradFUTURES Two-Year Impact Report offers glimpse of what has been done, focuses on what is possible in years to come.

When GradFUTURES launched in the fall of 2019, the employment landscape for graduate students at Princeton and around the nation was already radically different than it was for previous generations — no longer a singular pathway to the professoriate, future-of-work trends continue to widen the aperture of opportunity with myriad options and new possibilities to explore.

Amidst the uncertainty of the past two years, the Graduate School has accelerated its efforts to prepare graduate students with the competencies, connections, clarity, and confidence they need to thrive at Princeton and wherever their lives after graduation may take them. A robust ecosystem of campus partners, faculty, graduate alumni mentors, industry partners, and graduate student leaders was mobilized—and an innovative, inclusive and highly integrative approach to graduate student professional development has taken shape.

GradFUTURES now serves as Princeton’s hub for empowering graduate student futures, through a broad spectrum of skills training, mentorship, bespoke experiential opportunities and interdisciplinary learning.

The GradFUTURES Two-Year Impact Report offers a glimpse of what has been accomplished over the last two years, and points to so much more that is possible through the power of collaboration. The GradFUTURES Team welcomes questions, feedback, and partnership as we continue to expand our efforts to meet the unique and evolving interests of our extraordinarily talented graduate students—and the next generation of scholars, researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

Flip through the 2019-2021 GradFUTURES Two-Year Impact Report

Download an accessible .pdf copy of the 2019-2021 GradFUTURES Two-Year Impact Report