Mission and Vision

Vision Statement

Professional development is an intrinsic part of graduate education at Princeton University, broadening the reach and impact of academic training by preparing our students to make transformative contributions within diverse fields of endeavor and to exercise leadership in ways that expand knowledge, accelerate discovery and serve humanity.

Mission Statement

We empower graduate students through a holistic and integrative model of professional development that enables them to build the skills and competencies, clarity of purpose and multifaceted relationships they need to become leaders within the academic, public and private sectors.

Pillars of GradFUTURES

• Design a cutting-edge professional development model that engages all graduate students and prepares them with the skills and competencies needed for career success across all fields of endeavor.

• Mobilize all stakeholders to build a campus culture that ensures professional development is a transformative part of graduate education.

• Create bespoke academic, community and industry partnerships to deliver and scale professional development and experiential learning (especially within the innovation ecosystem).

• Leverage Princeton's intellectual capital and alumni networks to deliver lifelong learning and mentorship while deepening graduate alumni affinity.

• Utilize quantitative and qualitative data to share outcomes and demonstrate the impact of a holistic approach to graduate student professional development.