Mathilde Sauquet, GS, ART

Professional Development Associate 2023-24

Mathilde is a PhD candidate in the Art & Archaeology department at Princeton. Her research focuses on the architecture and garden landscape of medieval Sicily. She is involved in several interdisciplinary graduate student groups on campus and served as a departmental graduate representative for two years. Outside of work, she loves to play basketball, do crossword puzzles, and take her dog Oliver on long walks.

It's never too late to start planning for the future! My biggest realization since starting graduate school is that each and every one of us is following their own journey, at their own pace. GradFUTURES is here to help you on this journey, whenever it may be, by providing the most relevant and useful opportunities for you, taking into consideration your goals, interests, and timeline. The resources across and beyond campus are so vast: there is definitely something out there for you to develop valuable skills and advance your professional development!

GradFUTURES has been invaluable in connecting me with our alumni network. The mentorship program is a great resource to get to know professionals in and outside academia who have the perspective and hindsight to help you figure out your next steps. Conversations with my mentor have helped me get more clarity and have given me a space to ask very practical questions about career advancement. It's also a great way to learn about industries which might not be on your radar!