Managing Editorial Fellow, C19 Data Collective UAF

Fellowship Description

Princeton Research Data Service (PRDS) is a joint initiative between the Office of the Dean for Research, the Office of the University Librarian, and Office of Information Technology with support from the Office of the Provost. Hosted by the Princeton University Library, the initiative was launched in Spring 2019.

Help to oversee peer-review workflow for new 19th Century Data Collective and collaborate with editorial board to come up with sustainable workflows for depositing data in the Princeton repository as it grows & changes. Partner with the editors to oversee the Wordpress front end and coordinate the public profile of the new publication. 

UAF Mentor

Meredith Martin
Faculty Director, Center for Digital Humanities
University Administrative Fellowship Program Mentor
Clio Hall Award Recipient

Meredith Martin is Associate Professor of English and the Faculty Director for the Center for Digital Humanities. She works on the history of poetic forms, educational and disciplinary history, historical poetics, and historical prosody.

Current & Former CDH Fellows

Anthie Georgiadi, GS, ENG
Graduate Student, Department of English
University Administrative Fellow

"Every time I meet with people affiliated with the community I am more and more convinced that we are so lucky to have them; to have people dedicated to helping all of us pursue our varying interests and explore possibilities that surpass what we imagined when we joined our PhD programs. If I had to offer one piece of advice to fellow students, it would be the following: pursue your interests and the rest will follow."

Dylan Principi, GS, MUS
University Administrative Fellow
“Within Princeton’s burgeoning GradFutures initiative, I am excited to help cultivate a space for graduate students to explore the critical role of communication in all sectors of the 21st-century academy: the professoriate, administration, public scholarship, and publishing.”
Hannah Stamler, GS, HIS
University Administrative Fellow
Clio Hall Award Recipient

"As a UAF with the Center for Digital Humanities, I'm assisting with the creation and launch of a brand new CDH event series. This hands-on and creative project has given me critical experience in programming and communications, and sharpened my research skills beyond the classroom. It's also put me right at the center of the CDH team, located at the cutting-edge of interdisciplinary studies in the humanities."

Julia Grummit, GS, HIS
University Administrative Fellow
“Along with the practical skills I’ve learned through my work in the Center for Digital Humanities, the UAF fellowship has provided me with a better sense of how the University functions as a whole, offering insight into roles beyond the classroom.”
Elena M'Bouroukounda, GS, ARC
University Administrative Fellow
"Through this fellowship, I have gained a new perspective on how administrators can be mediators between academics and segmented academic departments and progressive pedagogical practice."