Responsible AI Institute Social Impact Fellowship

Fellowship Description

RAII hosts Social Impact Fellows with backgrounds in either social science or data science. RAII tailors each fellowship experience to the specific professional and academic interests of the student.


  • Researching, summarizing, and analyzing AI-related regulations at the US federal, US state, EU, UK, and global levels
  • Helping to maintain the Responsible AI Institute's AI Regulatory Tracker tool (in collaboration with business, technical, and legal staff)
  • Reviewing policy and regulatory developments, including through OECD AI Policy Observatory and other similar portals
  • Reviewing and summarizing social sciences and machine learning research
  • Researching regulatory questions related to the Responsible AI certification (e.g. legal requirements for AI in different jurisdictions)


  • Demonstrated excellence in policy writing and research
  • Interest in becoming an expert on international AI-related regulations
  • Interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

 Preferred, but not required:

  • Experience researching (in a professional or academic setting) some aspect of policy or law related to AI (e.g. privacy, upcoming AI regulations)
  • Familiarity with recent AI policy developments in the US, Canada, EU, UK, and globally
  • Some professional or academic work experience

Your Host

Responsible AI Institute Logo

RAII is a non-profit organization building tangible governance tools for trustworthy, safe, and fair Artificial Intelligence (AI). RAII is currently building a first-of-its-kind certification system that assesses AI systems across a number of dimensions, including fairness, explainability, and robustness. RAII works closely with both public and private-sector organizations, including the World Economic Forum, to guide and inform organizational AI governance around the world. RAII also provides consultancy services to top organizations across a variety of industries, from healthcare to finance. In this capacity, RAII develops company-specific policy frameworks and training programs and conducts extensive research in order to provide tailored recommendations for implementing bias testing, data collection, and other ethical practices.

SIF Mentor

Ashley Casovan
Executive Director, Responsible AI Institute

Ashley has been at the forefront of building tools and policy interventions to support the responsible use and adoption of innovative technologies, both with her work at the Government of Canada, and as the Executive Director of the Responsible AI Institute, a multi-stakeholder non-profit dedicated to mitigating harm and unintended consequences of AI systems. As a recognized leader in the social tech community she has developed a strong reputation for developing workable governance for data, artificial intelligence, and open-source tools.

Current & Former Responsible AI Fellows

Anna Blue, GS, SPIA
Social Impact Fellow

"I am thrilled to be serving as a Social Impact Fellow with the Responsible AI Institute! I'm looking forward to conducting research into existing and upcoming regulation related to AI and to pursuing my own project on e-governance."

Lynne Guey, GS, SPIA
Social Impact Fellow

"One of my projects as a Responsible AI Institute GradFUTURES Fellow involved assisting the Department of Defense with a project to integrate responsible AI practices into its procurement process. This opportunity gave me the chance to direct my graduate studies towards helping an institution with a relatively under-the-radar but pressing issue."