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Graduate alumni, we invite you to join the GradFUTURES initiative!

You can play a critical role in encouraging and inspiring current graduate students along their professional development journey by serving as role models, connectors, mentors and advocates. 

Here are just a few of the many ways you can help make a difference:

  • Join the GradFUTURES LinkedIn group to connect with over 400 graduate alumni and current graduate students.
  • Serve as a virtual panelist or facilitator at one of our professional development programs
  • Volunteer to be interviewed for an alumni career video series
  • Virtually host graduate students at your organization for an Industry Exploration Day or shadowing
  • Arrange an immersive experience at your organization such as a short-term project, fellowship or summer internship for current students
  • Volunteer to mentor graduate students
  • Connect graduate students with others in your professional network
  • Join us for the GradFUTURES Professional Development Virtual Forum in May 2021

Interested in getting involved? Please reach out via email ( or by complete the short form at the bottom of this page!


Alumni: Connect with Us!


Graduate Alumni Profiles

  • B. Ben Baldanza, *86, SPI

    The inaugural keynote speaker for the GradFUTURES Star Lessons in Leadership series, B. Ben Baldanza *86, a Princeton School of Public and...

  • Alana Ballantyne *13 (GER)

    "Stepping outside my comfort zone as an academic was really scary at first, but I'm really pleased that I pushed myself."
  • Carol Barash *89, ENG

    Carol Barash, PhD *89 P11 P12 is the founder and CEO of Story2, a community of more

  • Udit Batra, *96 (CBE)

    Dr. Udit Batra earned a Ph.D. in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Princeton.

  • Dan Berbecel, *19, Politics

    "I would recommend this program to any Princeton graduate student, and they will gain a lot by participating in it."
  • Natalie Berkman, *18, FIT

    "Organizing the first Grad Student Career Meetup helped me to start picturing myself doing other things, and now I am happily managing academics at a...
  • Kristin Bietsch, *15, POP

    Kristin Bietsch finished her PhD in Demography at Princeton’s Office of Population Research in 2015.  She moved to Washington D.C.

  • Marc Brahaney, *86 (ARC)

    Marc Brahaney, Princeton ’77, *86, P19, is the owner of Princeton-based Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction which he cofounded with his...

  • Zoë Buonaiuto, *18, HIS

    • Zoë Buonaiuto, *18, HIS
      • University Administrative Fellow
      • Professional Development Working Group Member
      • Mentor, GradFUTURES Mentorship Program
    "Participating in the UAF program was one of the most formative experiences I had at Princeton. The program provided me important mentorship, a...
  • Sarah Carson, *20, HOS

    "The small-group seminar setting was fruitful for refreshing conversations that demystified how "the university" works and keyed me into current...
  • Alfonso Cebreros, *15, ECO

    I received my Ph.D. in Economics from Princeton University in 2015. Since then I have been at the General Directorate of Economic Research at...

  • Caitlin Charos, *19, ENG

    "As a UAF, I found the structure, skill-building, and community I was looking for to make my graduate school experience more intentional. I highly...
  • Dane Christie, *19, CBE

    "If you cannot convince people of the merit of your ideas in language they can understand, you are not going anywhere, since it is impossible to...
  • Kin Chung, *97 (MAT)

    Kin Chung currently heads Credit, Underwriting, and Servicing at MPOWER Financing, a Public Benefit Corporation that provides educational...

  • Cole Crittenden, *05 SLA

    "The very process of earning a Ph.D. can allow graduate students to develop valuable skills and competencies that will make them better thinkers and...
  • Julian Dierkes, *03, SOC

    After Princeton and a Post-Doc, I've been teaching at the University of British Columbia since 2002.

  • Sophal Ear, *97, SPIA

    Re-elected to the Crescenta Valley Town Council in November 2018 to a second 3-year term, encompassing more than 22,000 residents in...

  • Merle Eisenberg, *18, HIS

    "The Community College Teaching Partnership Program offers perhaps the best opportunity for graduate students at Princeton to develop their potential...
  • Alicia M. Ejsmond-Frey, *19, CLA

    "My department was surprised but delighted to find out that I was going to pursue a career in government, and in his introduction to my FPO the...
  • Elaine Enriquez, *15, SOC

    "Know your options, and learn how to set yourself up for success. The old saw is true: luck favors the prepared. Don't be afraid to imagine your...
  • Edward P Freeland, *92 (SOC)

    Dr. Edward P.

  • Drew Harker, *81, SPIA

    After graduating from SPIA in 1981, I served on the professional staff of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

  • Jiayue (Jenny) He, *08, ELE

    "Emotional resilience is essential for a founder. One of my undergrad professors told me, “Once you are in a Ph.D. program, it is all about the...
  • Jake Herb, *17, CHE

    Jake Herb is a Principal Scientist in the Materials and Energy Technology Group at Physical Sciences, Inc. (PSI).

  • Curtis Hillegas, *02, CHE

    Curtis Hillegas is Associate CIO in Research Computing. He earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Princeton in 2002. He serves as a mentor in the...

  • Patrice Jean, *99, MOL

    During graduate school, I honed my skills as a scientist, but I also learned how important it was to engage with all people from different...
  • Colette Johnson, *18, ENG

    "The programming that GradFUTURES offers is needed by graduate students, who are recognizing the broad value of their training, and want to find...
  • George Khoury, *15, CBE

    George Khoury joined ExxonMobil Research and Engineering in 2015 following a PhD/MA from Princeton and a BS/MS from Penn State in Chemical...

  • Don Kirsch, *78, MOL

    "The Dean’s office is supportive and helpful to those who want to pursue diverse careers in industry.  In fact, Princeton invited me back to lead a...
  • Ann Kirschner, *78, ENG

    Ann Kirschner is University Professor at The City University of New York, the nation's largest urban university, and a faculty fellow at the...

  • Margaret Koval, *83

    Margaret Koval is the Director of Special Projects at Princeton University.

  • Barry Lam, *07, PHIL

    Barry Lam received his BA in Philosophy and English at the University of California, Irvine (2001), and his defended his Ph.D. in Philosophy at...

  • Jessica Leung, *19 (ARC)

    Jessica teaches human-centered design at Princeton University.

  • Mallory Monaco Caterine, *13 (CLA)

    Mallory Monaco Caterine *13, Classics, Co-Founder and Executive Director at Kallion Leadership, Inc., Senior Professor of Practice in Classical...

  • Christin Monroe, *18, CHM

    "I was able to gain so much practical experience and learn about career paths that I was unfamiliar with, which led to my first job after graduate...
  • Andrea Morris, *99, MOL

    "GradFUTURES has been a great way to build stronger connections to Princeton's Graduate School and also to current graduate students..."
  • Christian Moser, *16, ECO

    "Work on a topic that you are passionate about---one that you know finding the answer to will be of interest not just to yourself but to a broader...
  • Freda Murck, *95, ART

    An historian of Chinese visual culture, Freda lived in Asia as a student and professional for more than two decades.

  • Ali Nouri, *06 (MOL)

    Dr. Ali Nouri is the President of the Federation of American Scientists. His scientific publications are in the fields of virology, cell...

  • Ingrid Ockert, *18, HOS

    When I was at Princeton, I took every opportunity that I could get to chat with people who I didn't know at all, but deeply admired, because I wanted...
  • Graham Oppy, *90, PHI

    I am Professor of Philosophy at Monash University. I have been--at different times--Associate Dean Research, Associate Dean Graduate Studies, Head...

  • Vikram Pansare, *15, CBE

    Following graduation from Purdue University, I worked in the lab of Prof. Robert K.

  • Marina Paul, *11, MOL

    Marina Paul earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Princeton in 2011.

  • Natalka Pavlovsky *88, *01 (MUS)

    Dr. Natalka Pavlovsky is Professor of Music at Rowan College of South Jersey. She has also taught at Rutgers University and at The College of New...

  • Elena Peregrina-Salvador, *15, SPA

    Dr. Elena Peregrina Salvador specializes in strategy and revenue management in the Digital/ Startups and Telecoms sectors.

  • Brenden Rickards, *06 (MOL)

    "The experiences at Princeton University in the classrooms, laboratories and departmental colloquia and functions helped mold me into the...
  • Nicholas Risteen, *19, ARC

    "Seeing the publishing world as a form of intellectual curation—to evaluate and guide future scholarship in the field—was eye opening for me, and...
  • Igor Rubinov, *19 (ANT)

    Igor Rubinov is a cofounder of Dovetail Labs, a social science consulting firm, and a Senior Project Manager with Public Equity Group.

  • Ann Marie Russell, *12, PSY

    "When I was in graduate school, it felt like we had two choices: an academic career or failure. The thought of voluntarily pursuing a non-academic...
  • Benjamin Sacks, *18 (HIS)

    • Benjamin Sacks, *18 (HIS)
      • Associate Policy Researcher, Defense & Political Sciences;
      • Professor of Political Geography, Pardee RAND Graduate School

    Benjamin Sacks *18 is an associate policy researcher at the RAND Corporation and a professor of political geography at the Pardee RAND Graduate...

  • Allison Simi, *18, CBE

    In addition to science, Allison has passions for communication and leadership, and while in graduate school gained experiences in academic...
  • Geneva Stein, *14, MOL

    Geneva Stein earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Princeton in 2014. She is now an Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences at Minerva  Schools...

  • Jill Stockwell, *17, COM

    "[E]very UAF we’ve worked with has been thoughtful and passionate, and has brought new energy and ideas to our program. UAFs have made a significant...
  • John Tully, *12, CLA

    John earned his Ph.D.

  • Emre Turkoz, *19, MAE

    "I'd recommend future graduate students to take part in the UAF program [...] this is a very valuable experience for graduate students, especially...
  • Joe Tylka, *19, MAE

    • Joe Tylka, *19, MAE
      • Mentor, GradFUTURES Mentorship Program
      • Speaker, GradFUTURES Learning Cohort

    Dr. Joe Tylka is a research scientist at Siemens Corporate Technology whose expertise lies in multichannel signal processing, intelligent control...

  • Camey VanSant, *20, ENG

    Camey VanSant is Postdoctoral Fellow and Communications Lead at the Center for Digital Humanities. She earned her Ph.D. in English from Princeton...

  • Howard Wainer, *68 (PSY)

    • Howard Wainer, *68 (PSY)
      • Distinguished Research Scientist, at the National Board of Medical Examiners (retired)
      • GradFUTURES Virtual Meetup Presenter

    Howard Wainer *68 P07, was on the faculty of The University of Chicago until 1977, was in Washington during the Carter administration; was...

  • Joshua Wallace, *19, AST

    Joshua Wallace earned a PhD in Astrophysics in 2019 and is a Space Systems Analyst with Stellar Science.

  • Matt Weber, *09, PSY

    "Academics have more skills than they think, if they can just find the words to explain them to hiring managers. Grad students are required to write...
  • Clem Wood, *18 (CLA)

    I earned my PhD in Classics at Princeton in 2018. Currently I am a Manager in the New York office of Bain & Company, a global management...

  • Akil Word-Daniels, *18, ECE

    Akil Word-Daniels has held several strategic leadership positions in business, technology, and academia. He is a long-term strategist who is...

  • Ying Wu, *96, CHE

    Ying earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Princeton.

  • Jay Xu, *08, ART

    "I am constantly conducting research, and while I’m not able to publish everything, I look forward to my “retirement” when I can start to synthesize...
  • Xue Zhang, *20, EAS

    "[The UAF program] reshapes my ways of being a learner, teacher, and leader in higher education settings...It provides me with ample opportunities to...
  • Lian Zhu, *19, CBE

    "I learned to code surveys and analyze results and pursue divergent interests such as hosting a science poetry reading or helping teach technology...
  • Ying Zhu, *03, ECE

    Ying Zhu received her Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2003.