Zachary Schmidt GS, CBE

Summer GradFUTURES Intern, MilliporeSigma

Hi, my name is Zach! I'm a chemical engineering student with a B.S. from Johns Hopkins University. My scientific interests can mainly be summarized in two themes- materials and sustainability- which is why it is great to why it is so great to go to a school like Princeton with major centers in both of these areas! I moved around growing up, but my family currently resides in Saint Louis, MO. I really enjoy hiking and exploring outdoor areas in New Jersey and beyond! I also run and do CrossFit workouts in my spare time.

"My connection to GradFUTURES began even before I started as Princeton. I was a part of the first MilliporeSigma-Princeton internship, and it was definitely one of the most formative experiences I have had on an internship. Not only did I learn about a global research company in MilliporeSigma, but I also got a taste of what research in a corporate setting was like more generally, which was different from any of my previous research experiences.

Before I even arrived at Princeton, GradFUTURES helped me secure an internship unlike any I had done before!

Curiosity is a great motivator. If research starts to feel confusing or tedious, I try to remind myself of the bigger picture, why I do what I do, and that gets me back on track."

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