Ying Wu *96, CHE

General Manager, Global Clean Air Business

Ying earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Princeton. She is currently the General Manager of Clean Air Catalyst at BASF, serving customers worldwide in air pollution mitigation and air quality improvements. BASF is a EUR 60 billion global conglomerate in Chemicals and Material Sciences. As a business leader with over 20 years of experience, Ying is passionate about solving problems with technological advances and innovative business models.

Prior to working at BASF, Ying also held a variety of technical and business roles at start-up companies -- as Director of Consulting at Lux Research, a research and advisory firm in all things innovative and entrepreneurial, and as Director of Research and Business Development Manager at Millennium Cell, a technology company in fuel cells.


What advice do you have for current graduate students regarding their professional development?

"Be open-minded. My professional development has always been guided by curiosity and a mindset of continuous learning. With that, you can always ensure alignment between professional life and personal satisfaction, regardless of companies or industries you work in."

Yes, I am open to being contacted by a Princeton Graduate Student for an informational interview!

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