Xue Zhang *20, EAS

Assistant Professor of History, Reed College
University Administrative Fellow Alum

Xue Zhange earned a PhD from the Department of East Asian Studies, and was a University Administrative Fellow in The Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship.

Xue Zhang specializes in the political and cultural history of early modern/late imperial China (1368-1911). Her dissertation entitled “From the Western Regions to New Dominion: Geographical Knowledge of Xinjiang in Qing China, 1759-1881” examines the formation of the Qing’s geographical knowledge of Xinjiang and how the body of knowledge contributed to its reconquest of Xinjiang and the establishment of Xinjiang as a province in the 1870s and 80s. She has also begun researching her second project, whose working title is “Clerks and Paperwork: The Grand Secretariat in Eighteenth-Century China.” It discusses the pivotal but less visible role of the Grand Secretariat in everyday administration. 

"My UAF is in Program for Community Engaged Scholarship, where my mentor is Trisha Thorme. Currently, I am working on an initiative aiming to help undergraduate students highlight the public impacts of their research at university and community events, such as Princeton Research Day. The UAF experience has been fruitful and transformative for me. It provides me with ample opportunities to work with diverse student body and organizations and to communicate my ideas to a broad audience beyond my academic field. It reshapes my ways of being a learner, teacher, and leader in higher education settings."