Written and Verbal Communication Stories

Megan Armknecht, GS, HIS

  • Summer Intern, Bureau of Bureau of Public Affairs/ Office of the Historian in Washington D.C
"[T]his experience helped me form meaningful working relationships with other historians, and has been helpful in framing my prospectus for my...

Dane Christie, *19, CBE

"If you cannot convince people of the merit of your ideas in language they can understand, you are not going anywhere, since it is impossible to...

Alicia M. Ejsmond-Frey, *19, CLA

  • GradFUTURES Summer Fellow, Open Innovation Team, Cabinet Office (London, UK)
"My department was surprised but delighted to find out that I was going to pursue a career in government, and in his introduction to my FPO the...

Julia Grummit, GS, HIS

  • University Administrative Fellow
“Along with the practical skills I’ve learned through my work in the Center for Digital Humanities, the UAF fellowship has provided me with a better...

Robbie LeDesma, GS, MOL

  • Research on the Road Participant
“Research on the Road” is a fantastic science communication/public speaking event that taught me a lot about how to think about my own work when...

Victoria Luu, GS, GEO

  • University Administrative Fellow Alumni/ae
"This experience in creating bridges across different stakeholders and developing systematic solutions helped me to secure a prestigious marine...

Cate Mahoney, *20, ENG

  • University Administrative Fellow
  • Summer Intern, Ithaka S&R
"In the spring I will teach my first class, and I'm super excited! I've found working with John and Stephanie to be like working with old friends."

Stephanie Pope, GS, ENG

  • Summer Intern, Huo Family Foundation
  • Summer Intern, Ithaka S+R
"I would without qualification recommend an internship at the Foundation for anyone looking for a varied, challenging summer work experience and a...

Ann Marie Russell, *12, PSY

"When I was in graduate school, it felt like we had two choices: an academic career or failure. The thought of voluntarily pursuing a non-academic...

Christopher K. Tokita, GS, EEB

  • Research on the Road Participant
"Research on the Road helped me realize the "big picture" of my work and how to explain it in a compelling story format!"

Matt Weber, *09, PSY

"Academics have more skills than they think, if they can just find the words to explain them to hiring managers. Grad students are required to write...

Stephanie Whetstone

  • Assistant Director, Princeton Writes
“I love helping graduate students with public speaking through our GradSpeak program and with their writing through one-on-one appointments.