William A. Gleason

Hughes-Rogers Professor of English and American Studies
GradFUTURES Learning Cohort Participant

William Gleason (PhD UCLA 1993), the Hughes-Rogers Professor of English and American Studies, specializes in American literature and culture. His research and teaching interests range from the 18th century to the present, with particular emphasis on the late 19th/early 20th century, and include environmental humanities, architecture and the built environment, children's literature, African American and multi-ethnic U.S. literatures, material culture, popular culture, popular romance studies, sports studies, and leisure.

"It's exciting to see how many new initiatives and opportunities for graduate student professional development are emerging here on campus, in communication, teaching, leadership, wellness, career management, and other crucial areas. I very much hope this programming will continue to grow. 

The topics under discussion in the American Higher Ed GradFUTURES Learning Cohort cover such an important range of issues central to understanding the past, present, and future of higher education that I suspect I've learned as much from the readings and discussions as the students have. I've learned a great deal from the students themselves, through the questions they raise and the opinions they share I can't imagine a more productive space, or a more important moment, for thinking about these matters. I wish I'd had a seminar like this when I was in graduate school."