Teaching and Mentoring Stories

Dan Berbecel, *19, Politics

  • Community College Teaching Fellow
"I would recommend this program to any Princeton graduate student, and they will gain a lot by participating in it."

Jim Casey

  • Mentor, University Administrative Fellows Program
"We have been delighted to welcome the University Administrative Fellows to the Center for Digital Humanities. The Fellows are gaining a wide range...

Merle Eisenberg, *18, HIS

  • Community College Teaching Fellow
"The Community College Teaching Partnership Program offers perhaps the best opportunity for graduate students at Princeton to develop their potential...

Erin Gray, *17, CHM

  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Washington and Lee University

Erin Gray is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Washington and Lee University. Before joining W&L, she earned her Ph.D.

Ann Marie Russell, *12, PSY

"When I was in graduate school, it felt like we had two choices: an academic career or failure. The thought of voluntarily pursuing a non-academic...

Matt Weber, *09, PSY

"Academics have more skills than they think, if they can just find the words to explain them to hiring managers. Grad students are required to write...

Kaite Yang, *15, PSY

  • Assistant Professor of Psychology, Coordinator, Childhood Studies Minor, Stockton University

Kaite Yang is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Coordinator of the Childhood Studies Minor at Stockton University in New Jersey. She earned...

Shengyu Yang, GS, EAS

  • Community College Teaching Fellow
  • Participant, American Higher Ed GradFUTURES Learning Cohort
As a Community College Teaching Fellow, and a American Higher cohort member "I learned how to balance my research and teaching in a safe yet...

Lian Zhu, *19, CBE

  • University Administrative Fellow Alumni/ae
"I learned to code surveys and analyze results and pursue divergent interests such as hosting a science poetry reading or helping teach technology...