Sophie Jiang *22, ARC

Professional Development Associate 2020-21

Sophie Jiang earned her M.Arch the School of Architecture in 2022. She was a Professional Development Associate with the GradFUTURES team. She also has served a University Administrative Fellow with the GradFUTURES team. Besides advancing visual identities for events and programs, Sophie has been devoted to curating and managing diverse visualization projects for various audiences, including the GradFUTURES Forum 2020, and the Inclusive Leadership GradFUTURES Learning Cohort. Driven by a strong interest in cross-disciplinary collaboration, Sophie enjoys leveraging her design expertise and promoting engagement among the Princeton graduate community.

As a UAF assisting with communications for the GradFUTURES team in visual presentation and content curation of events and programs, I have discovered opportunities to expand connections, practice leadership and communication skills, and develop competency in career management.

Through collaborative thinking and continuous learning, the UAF experience has deepened my understanding of multidisciplinary and multicultural communication. The diversity of projects also enables me to reflect and expand the learning in design, communication, and community engagement.

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