Soha Aslam *20, MAE

Pathways with a Ph.D. Participant
GradFUTURES Forum Participant

Soha Aslam earned a Masters of Science and Engineering (MSE) candidate in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering program at Princeton University. Prior to coming to Princeton, Soha earned a BSc in Physics with a minor in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. Since then, Soha has conducted a post-baccalaureate research internship at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and worked as an engineer on a national fusion experiment at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory for about three years.

In addition to participating in GradFUTURES programs such as the GradFUTURES Forum and Pathways with a Ph.D., Soha took full advantage of the programming and courses offered by GradFUTURES partners, including the Keller Center. About Pathways with a Ph.D., Soha says

"The biggest takeaway for me was to learn to navigate the Princeton Alumni Network directory online and reach out to people for informational interviews! Another thing that was quite insightful was the worksheets that we filled out for our dream job. It provides a lot of clarity in things to look for and things to avoid."

Soha credits her experience in Keller Center courses (EGR 488 Designing Ventures to Change the World and EGR 491 High-Tech Entrepreneurship) for her first prize finish in the MIT COVID Challenge: Africa Takes on COVID-19.

"I was instantly struck by my fellow classmates in those courses, students who looked a bit deeper into the companies they may work for in the future, students who are passionate about changing society for the better and doing good in the world. This inspired me to want more."

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