Sara Geraghty, GS, QCB

Mentee, GradFUTURES Graduate Alumni Mentorship Program

I am a rising G3 in the Quantitative and Computational Biology Department at Princeton. My research involves applying machine learning to problems in cancer genomics, under the advising of Dr. Mona Singh. At Princeton, I am a co-founder and editor of Princeton Insights (a science communication organization), a member of the Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWiSE) group, and a Graduate Peer Mentor through the McGraw Center. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking and kayaking, cooking and baking, and traveling.

"At Princeton and beyond, I aim to develop my research and leadership skills so that I may one day contribute to the scientific community as a principal investigator, with a focus on cancer biology. In addition to my research scholarship, I also strive to be an effective mentor and teacher that supports the next generation of scientists.

As a mentee in the GradFUTURES Graduate Alumni Mentorship Program, I had the opportunity to have regular phone chats and email exchanges with someone who's "been there": a graduate alum.

As I went through my general exams, adjusted to working from home during the pandemic, and started thinking about making connections in industry (for informational interviews or internships) my mentor was always there for me. He listened, gave me advice, and shared his own relevant experiences (which made me feel like I was not alone in feeling certain ways in graduate school). He even went out of his way to introduce me to some of his fellow Princeton alumni contacts that he thought might make good connections for me. The GradFUTURES Mentorship Program was incredibly valuable for me and my career development and I am glad that I took part."

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