Sade Abiodun, GS, NEU


Sade Abiodun is a budding neuroscientist by day and aspiring filmmaker also by day. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. as a President’s Fellow at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. Her work focuses on neurocinematics — the neuroscience of visual media — and explores the use of naturalistic approaches (such as film and narrative media) to examine affective and cognitive states. She is an ardent advocate for equity, diversity, and representation in science, and has worked with multiple groups and organizations to support and uplift underrepresented scientists. She hopes to bridge the gap between science and the arts through the creation of visual experiences that center marginalized identities and stories.

"Stories and experiences are all inherently driven by their underlying narrative, the way that they ebb and flow as different information is added. This allows us to merge our creative understanding of storytelling with our empirical knowledge of how we consume them. That’s why I love getting to be a storyteller as well as a story analyzer, and why I love incorporating this awareness into my creative and intellectual practice. I have been invited to collaborate as part of the New Media Studio program, and I'm excited to leverage my skills to both learn and teach!"

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