Sabiha Zainulbhai

Senior Policy Analyst, New America

I'm Sabiha Zainulbhai, a Senior Policy Analyst at the Future of Land and Housing program at New America. We are a small and nimble team that focuses on housing and land use policy both in the U.S. and internationally.  Through our research and writing, convening, and collaboration, we strive to connect new constituencies, shed light on underreported issues, and implement creative approaches in the property rights space. 

Both in the U.S. and abroad, housing and land ownership are the foundation upon which individual households and communities build stability and wealth.  Ensuring that housing and land policy is proactively mitigating past harm and alleviating future harm is integral to this work.

"Our team at New America hosted Elaine Tsui during the Spring of 2021. Elaine was foundational to a new research partnership between the Future of Land and Housing team and the Center for the Study of Economic Mobility at Winston-Salem State University exploring the inaccessibility of small mortgages on relatively affordable homes across the U.S. Elaine was an integral member of the small research team, providing a comprehensive summary of existing research on the topic, as well as meticulousness to our qualitative methods. Elaine assisted with several interviews with real estate agents, mortgage lenders and housing experts, and quickly became knowledgeable on the topic, contributing original questions and necessary context to our data collection efforts.

While Elaine did not have a background in housing or land policy when she started, she had an interest in learning a new field and understand how a non-profit communications and research think tank operates. Through Elaine's research, writing and substantive contributions to our team's work during her four month internship, she quickly  established herself as a pivotal member of the team, contributing to advancing New America's work in meaningful ways. This post is an example of Elaine's excellent work while at New America."

I have participated in the following GradFUTURES Programs: Social Impact Fellowship Program

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