Saadia El Karfi, GS, FIT

University Administrative Fellow
Social Impact Fellow

Saadia El Karfi is a Ph.D. student in the Department of French and Italian, and a University Administrative Fellow in the Office of the Vice President for Campus Life - Diversity & Inclusion.

"I am Ph.D candidate in the French and Italian department working on the intersection of literature and politics as it relates to sexuality, gender, and marginal identities in North Africa.

I was a University Administrative Fellow in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, where I was able to witness the birth and development of Princeton's Diversity and Inclusion framework. I was afforded a unique opportunity to explore careers beyond the tenure track, and I was able to collaborate on issues and topics that are meaningful to me as an international student, as a woman, and as an academic.

I shadowed one of the deans in ODI office and was able to contribute to numerous projects. I am also assigned a project which consists of developing the Framework's website and it will be coming to life in January 2020."