Rose Guingrich, GS, PSY

Professional Development Associate 2022-23
Social Impact Fellow
GradFUTURES Learning Cohort Participant

Rose Guingrich is a graduate student in the Department of Psychology. She studies human-AI interaction through the lens of social psychology and social policy. Specifically, she is conncerned with the ethical implications of conversational AI on human relationships. 

"I've always had a variety of interests and wondered how I was supposed to give some of them up when I started a career. I didn't believe it was possible to fit both my creative and intellectual pursuits into a single job. What I discovered is that there's no one-size-fits-all approach, and that you can make your career aspirations happen by getting involved in opportunities that excite you, like the ones offered at GradFUTURES. I am a Professional Development Associate for GradFUTURES and help organize the Ethics of AI learning cohort. I started as a student of the Business Skills learning cohort, which exposed me to how companies operate by teaching me about organizational structure and research and development."


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