Renita Miller

Associate Dean of Access, Diversity and Inclusion, Executive Director of the Princeton Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Initiative, and Lecturer in the Politics department

Renita Miller is the Associate Dean of Access, Diversity and Inclusion, Executive Director of the Princeton Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Initiative, and Lecturer in the Politics department. She is responsible for leading and developing the comprehensive access, diversity, and inclusion strategic plans, partnerships, programs, and initiatives for the Princeton Graduate School. She and her team partner with academic departments, staff, students, and faculty at Princeton, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs), as well as create strategic initiatives, programs, and instructive practices that support the recruitment and success of a diverse and inclusive graduate student community. Her responsibilities include supporting departmental and faculty diversity priorities and initiatives; participating in the graduate admissions process; providing resources and fellowships that support students and student affinity groups; advising and mentoring; developing and implementing diversity pipeline and recruitment programs; and implementing programs that support the success of a diverse and inclusive graduate student community. Under her leadership, the Access, Diversity, and Inclusion team has successfully designed and launched the Pre-doctoral Fellowship ProgramThe Graduate Scholars Program, GSP STEM, The Princeton Prospective PhD Preview (P3), and the Diversity Fellows Program. She also led the Graduate School's COVID-19 hardship fund which eased financial burdens due to the pandemic for graduate students.

Renita teaches a course on "Race, Representation, and Education Policy" for the Freshman Seminar program. She also serves (or served) on multiple University-wide committees including, but not limited to, the Trustee-level Ad Hoc Committee on Principles to Govern Renaming and Changes to Campus Iconography(link is external)Anti-Racism TaskForce (Chair, The Graduate School)(link is external), Diversity Data Initiatives, HBCU Strategic Initiatives, Council of Princeton University (CPUC) Committee on Naming(link is external), Black and LGBTQIA Student Experience Implementation Committee, Strategic Communications Plan Committee (Co-Chair, The Graduate School), Graduate Student Mentoring Taskforce, and the Presidential TaskForce for Diversity and Inclusion(link is external) steering committee. 

Renita joined the graduate school from Yale University as the John B. Madden Dean of Berkeley College and Lecturer in the Political Science Department. She has also served as a postdoctoral lecturer in the Princeton Writing Program, Director of Studies at Forbes College, and Director of the Princeton Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (PSURE) at Princeton University. Prior to Princeton, she taught in the political science department at Texas A&M and Rice University. Her research focuses on understanding the influence of race and gender in political institutions with a particular focus on political rhetoric, deliberation, education policy, and leadership within state legislatures. She was a research fellow for the Project of Equity, Representation, and Governance at Texas A&M and the Kinder Institute of Urban Research at Rice University. 

Renita received her Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) from Baylor University and Masters and PhD from Rice University in Political Science with a focus on public policy.