Raghuveer Vinukollu *11, CEE

Head - Climate Insights & Advisory, Munich Re US
Mentor, GradFUTURES Graduate Alum Mentorship Program

Raghuveer Vinukollu is the Head of Climate Insights and Advisory at Munich Reinsurance America, Inc., based in Princeton, New Jersey. He has a PhD in land surface hydrology from the Civil and Environmental Engineering department; he is also one of the Advisory Council members for the department. He is a passionate advocate for climate adaptation and resiliency with emphasis on the role of insurance and public private partnerships in building resilient communities. Raghuveer’s expertise in Climate Resilience is reflected in the recent articles titled “Re | imagining resilience in a post pandemic world” and “Nature’s remedy: Improving flood resilience through community insurance and nature-based mitigation”. He is also the co-chair for the Princeton Graduate Alum Annual Giving.

Experience with GradFUTURES Graduate Alum Mentorship Program:

"The the GradFUTURES mentorship program is an excellent framework for current students to connect with their fellow Princeton Graduate alumni. I wish I had access to such a program while I was at Princeton. My mentorship journey with my mentee, a highly motivated PhD candidate, has been truly rewarding... Her dedication to staying engaged, taking initiative, and executing on the mutually agreed strategies added a dynamic and productive aspect to the experience. This level of enthusiasm is something new and continuing mentees can take inspiration from, reminding them of the importance of proactive involvement and genuine passion in the mentorship process."

“To enhance the mentorship experience for both mentors and mentees, I think it’s imperative to foster open communication, set clear goals, and embrace the unique qualities each individual brings to the table. This approach ensures a fulfilling journey of learning, collaboration, and personal development. Sharing my knowledge and insights with my mentee has been a two-way street, contributing to mutual growth. ” 

Advice to graduate students: 

"The 5 years of ‘training' in the PhD program, combined with the right mindset and imagination, is a unique differentiator in the industry and for entrepreneurship. Unlock that potential and notice that you are about to make an IMPACT in this world. I can only share what I aspire to. Three words: SELECTIVE, FOCUSED and IMPACTFUL."

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